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Alternatives to Bridesmaid Bouquets

Tulika Nair
If you are bored of seeing bridesmaids carry the same boring bouquets at every wedding, then maybe it is time to break the trend with some interesting alternatives.
Her wedding day is one of the most beautiful days of her life and every bride wants her day to not only be special but also unique. As she prepares for the wedding, her bridesmaids hold her hand through every decision, from the smallest to the biggest choices that she needs to make.
They help her plan the menu, they help her choose the decor and the theme, and they help her pick out her wedding gown, making everything as exceptional as it is supposed to be.
As the bride, one of the unique things that you can plan for your bridesmaids is to make their outfits for the d-day a little more interesting by getting them to carry unparalleled alternatives to mundane flower bouquets. We give you some options that could help you break free from the mundane.

Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

While running around making sure that everything is perfect for her own outfit, the bride has the added responsibility of ensuring that her bridesmaids look as stunning in their bridesmaid dresses.
Making their dresses match the theme of the wedding is important but what if you could also make their entrance slightly more spectacular by giving them something other than bridesmaid bouquets to hold. Well, here is what we suggest.
The bouquet is overdone and overused. If you are having a summer wedding or a wedding themed Asia or even the Victorian era, then a parasol may be the best accessory to flaunt for the bridesmaids.
Not only do parasols look absolutely gorgeous in photographs but they serve the added purpose of protecting your bridesmaids against the vagaries of nature and are also completely reusable.
Choose a parasol made of rice paper, silk brocade, or frilly lace; the choice is yours to make. Match the color of the parasol to your bridesmaid dresses or provide them with parasols that are in stark contrast.
Paper Fans
Another beautiful alternative especially for a wedding that is Asian themed. For a wedding with an Asian theme, choose accordion fans for your bridesmaids that are made of rice paper and bamboo and hand painted.
You can also go for silk accordion fans. If you aim to stick to a slightly more westernized theme, then choose fans made of raffia. Pretty much like parasols, fans are beautiful accessories that look gorgeous in photos and can make for unique images. In fact to continue with the theme, you could also have fans used as decor.
If you are having an outdoor wedding at night, then an option that can only add to the beauty of the setting is to get your bridesmaids to carry candles rather than flowers.
Of course this is an option that one needs to be particularly careful with. You can choose to place the candle inside a frosted glass stand, or even a stained glass lantern to ensure that the wax is not spilled on their dresses.
Choose candles that match the color scheme of your wedding. You can also choose to carry tea lights floating in a bowl of water for a slightly exotic touch.
Aiming for a fun wedding which screams happiness and childlike innocence? Well, what better way to further the theme than to have your bridesmaids carry pinwheels rather than flowers.
For such a bridesmaid accessory, it may be a good idea to ask your bridesmaids to pick their own dress in different colors in a scheme that you can provide them with and then contrast the pinwheels with their dresses. These make for a very pretty image and can miniatures can also be used as boutonnieres for the men.
Do not want to use bridal bouquets but you would still like to have flowers as bridesmaid accessories? Well in such a case, a corsage may be the solution you are looking for.
Depending on your choice, you could either aim for a delicate corsage with ferns or pick a more grandiose version with huge flowers and bright colors. Of course, it is imperative that you match the colors of the flower in the corsage with the color of the bridesmaid dresses.
These are some of the most unique options that you can choose from when it comes to alternatives to traditional bouquets. If you want a wedding that will surprise people around you and make them wonder, why they didn't think of the same, then these options are something that you should definitely opt for.