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Alternatives to Flower Girl Petals

Sujata Iyer
The kind of alternatives to flower girl petals you can come up with can range from how-cute to oh-my-that's-lovely to now-why-didn't-I-think-of-that! We have a mix of 7 such ideas for you.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Make sure you have your flower girl practice walking with whatever alternative you pick to avoid mishaps on the big day.
Every aspect of weddings is being experimented with by brides and wedding planners alike. Long, ruffled, flowing gowns have given way to those with sleek and modern cuts. Meaningless (and sometimes useless) favors have given way to DIY and practical ones. The veil has transformed into a hat, and the shoes have outright been discarded for beach weddings.
After all is said and done, the wedding is a roaring success and everyone appreciates the thought, effort, and resourcefulness that went into planning and executing it.
However, there may be one aspect that no one thinks about often, or rather takes for granted as a staple in any wedding not to be bothered with a bit of quirk and whimsy: the flower girl's petal scattering.

There may arise instances when a wedding venue may not permit the use of flower petals to be scattered on the aisle.
Or maybe you're planning a wedding without flowers and the flower girl is the only aspect you're worried about. Not to worry. We have put together 7 oh-so-adorable alternatives you can use instead of the traditional petals. Browse through them and let us know what you'll pick!
Flower Basket
For the bride who wants to do something different, but isn't too comfortable with totally abandoning tradition, a flower girl with a basket of flowers (that she will not scatter) is perfect.
Just Flowers
How in character does this little rock star look! Make your flower girl jump for joy too. Rid her of the pressure of balancing a basket. Just hand her a bunch of fresh flowers that she can hand out to guests as she walks.
Bunch of Balloons
We are yet to find a kid who does not like balloons. Hand the little girl a bunch of bright and colorful balloons and make her day. She can release them as soon as she reaches the altar, just for that added drama.
Super-sized Heart
A wedding is all about love and what better symbol to depict this love than the eternal red heart. Make a really big one out of paper, stick it on a heart-shaped cardboard cutout, and ask her to hand it to the groom when she reaches the altar.
Fun Pinwheel
This will work great if your wedding will take place in a location that will see a considerable amount of wind. Have the kid walk down with a pinwheel, a little something to entertain her while she fulfills her very important duty as a part of your wedding.
Elegant Umbrella
All we can say is that this little girl probably stole the show when she walked down the aisle, until the bride showed up, that is. This is a lace umbrella, but you can always opt for a cute little parasol in any material of the girl's choice.
Fairy Wand
Every little girl has either dreamed of or dreams of fairies. Make this dream come true. Have her dress up as a fairy and hand her a pretty wand with a star at the top and everything. Watch her flash that 1000-watt smile as she walks down the aisle in glee.
With these super-cool alternatives to flower girl petals, you're not only going to up the offbeat factor in your wedding, but also going to make a (probably nervous) little girl very, very happy. And who can't take a little more happiness on their wedding day, right?