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Alternatives to Wedding Cake Toppers

Sujata Iyer
Weddings are getting more and more creative by the day. Cake toppers refuse to be left behind. Say good-bye to traditional cake toppers and say a roaring hello to funky, crazy, luxurious, bizarre ones you've never even imagined before.
Instead of buying a cake topper, ask your wedding baker to fashion one out of the ingredients used for the cake. It'll be cheaper, customized, and you can eat it too!
While most brides these days are open to experimentation in almost every aspect of their wedding, the cake is something that they refrain from messing with. Understandably so. It is probably going to be the focal point of the reception and needs to be top-notch. It has to be of the perfect height, color, flavor, and of course the perfect design.
However, there's one aspect of the cake that can be quirked up if you're up for it: the cake toppers. It's not over-the-top (erm … well, maybe it is) and can add that touch of whimsy that you wanted so badly in your wedding. You game? Well then, let's have a look at some alternatives to wedding cake toppers, shall we?
Something Cute
Cuteness proudly takes its place at a wedding. No one can complain that there's too much cute in a wedding, so it sits on its high horse (or cake in this case) and watches as everyone meekly accepts its presence.
Imbue some of this cuteness into your cake toppers by using ever-faithful birdies. We recommend stylishly cute ones like doves and swans, but you can go with any bird of your choice.
Out with the cute and in with the elegant. For a cake that is classy and elegant like the rest of the wedding, opt for something more in keeping with the theme.
Something Elegant
Fondant bows are the perfect way to go. Or you can take a cue from the other images and have a bunch of pearly shells on an all-white cake. An elaborately designed flower along with a candlestick also makes for a stylish and sophisticated topper.
Bring in the love. Let your cake topper scream out your love to the entire world.
Something Romantic
While hearts are the eternal symbol of love and make for great toppers, crystal initials are fast catching up as the king of romance. Another sappy, dripping-with-love idea is to have your wedding rings fashioned as toppers.
Nature has been known to inspire some of the greatest works of art. Let your cake topper be added to that list too.
Something Nature-inspired
From fondant flowers to real ones, from faux clams to dainty butterflies, the sky is the limit. Pick an element that means something special to the both of you and have it made as the topper for your cake. Sentimental, sweet, and sensational!
If you're OK with the standard practice of bride and groom figurines but not OK with the rigid pose that they come in, try something hilarious.
Something Funny
Everyone has their share of jokes related to marriage. And while your wedding day might not be the best day to bring those up, show them you can be a sport. Take inspiration from the images here and see what suits your fancy.
These ideas are not for the faint-hearted. If you thought zombie and alien bridal figurines were bizarre, you're going to think these are preposterous.
Take that chocolate fountain or those piggy banks for instance. Anything make sense? Yes? Well how about a bridal pair of penguins, teddies, and our favorite, bugs! If that won't take the randometer high up to the sky, we don't know what will.
While choosing something totally offbeat as your cake topper will get people talking and leave a mark in their memories, try to include some sort of meaning to the topper you pick.

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It could be an inside joke, a dream you two have for the future, a sentimental trinket, or anything else that rings a bell every time you look at the cake on your wedding day, the happiest day of your life.