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Biggest Wedding Day Mistakes that Brides Make

Madhushree Kelkar
Be their dressing or obsession with perceived perfection, brides tend to make major gaffes on the most important day in their lives. This post will not only tell you about the mistakes that brides commit, but will also give you tips to avoid such wedding day disasters.
Almost every girl has dreams about having a fairytale wedding. We make elaborate plans in our heads about the venue, décor, wedding dress, shoes, flowers, food, etc. We want everything to be perfect to the T.
In our quest for perceived perfection which often results from comparison with the wedding of our friends, characters on television or even royal weddings; we end up committing grave mistakes not only before the wedding, but also on the big day itself.
In the process, we end up ignoring the details of the wedding that really require our attention. There are instances, where brides demand last-minute changes in their wedding décor, food or flowers which may cost a fortune.
Not only this, but on the wedding day, a bride can turn into a "Bridezilla" who is so obsessed with perfection that she has no qualms in undermining the efforts of others in order to make the wedding a success.
Sometimes, the brides end up emulating the dress, makeup, and hairstyles from bridal magazines, celebrities or popular friends. However, all of these might not do justice to the personality of the bride. Here are a few most common mistakes that brides tend to make which can spoil their dream wedding.

Common Wedding Dress Mistakes

A bride has to be in her wedding gown for a whopping 10 long hours. Hence, it is important that the dress not only looks good, but feels comfortable too. The bride should ensure that it is not too tight and gives her enough breathing space to move in it.
Besides, brides should not get smitten with some designer label and buy a dress just because it is in "vogue" or available at a discounted rate, as it may not complement their body type on the wedding day.
Some brides deliberately buy wedding dresses which are a few sizes smaller than their actual size. This acts as a motivation for them to lose weight to fit in the dress by the wedding day. Unfortunately, if they do not lose the desired weight by the wedding day, it becomes a problem.
Some brides even make their worst mistake of trying the dress on the wedding day itself. The sizes of wedding dresses differ from that of street clothes. Hence, it is best to buy a dress which fits you comfortably.
Many women often divulge the details of their wedding gowns to their friends who may be "inspired" to buy a similar one.
Hence, it is best to keep mum about it. Melted chocolates, cakes, champagne, etc. are tasty food and drinks, but their stains on your wedding clothes will remain forever. Many women store their wedding dresses for a lifetime, so it is important that you avoid such stains.

What to do?

For your wedding dress shopping, tag along a trusted friend.
Get a trial of the dress with the shoes that you are planning to wear on your wedding day, in order to know how the dress fits.
Too long dresses that gather at the end may increase the chances of tripping and falling.
Try your dress a few days before your wedding to ensure its fitting.
While in the trial room, make sure that you are comfortable even when you are walking, sitting, dancing, etc. in it.
Choose a material and design based on the venue and weather.
Do not choose a dress which is too revealing if it can make you uncomfortable.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Imagine this, you are ready to have a wedding against the beautiful beach backdrop. You are walking down the aisle, looking pretty. Everyone is staring at you with happy faces. Your groom is eagerly waiting for you. But suddenly your heel goes right into the sand and is stuck there.
You are trying desperately to get it out but are unable to. In the process, you end up spoiling your dress as well as your wedding day.
Shoes are important part of your wedding trousseau.
If you are expecting that, on the day of your wedding when you wear your brand new shoes, they will fit you perfectly, then you are wrong. It is important that apart from looking great, your shoes are comfortable also. You don't want to scare your husband by having blisters on your feet on the wedding night.

What to do?

Match your shoes with the dress and not the other way round.
You can wear embellished flats or go barefoot for beach weddings.
Try your shoes for 20 minutes every day for a month to prevent having a shoe bite on the important day.
You can add a splash of color by adding colored gems or wearing colored shoes.
Practice walking in pointed high heels to ensure that you do not trip and fall.
If possible, buy a separate pair of flats for dancing at the reception.

Applying too Little or too much Makeup

The memories of the wedding are cherished for a lifetime. What if your wedding pictures don't come out well? One of my friends was almost in tears when her wedding album came back. The initial photos were great but she looked tired and her makeup seemed to have given up on her in the later photos.
Hence, it is important to touch up your makeup from time to time throughout the day. Wearing a colored lip gloss might get wiped off after the wedding kiss.
On the wedding day, the bride may go through varied emotions. In spite of this, many brides go for non-waterproof eye makeup which gets smudged easily. Another big mistake which the brides do is that they ignore to cover the shine on their face which reflects in all the photographs. It does not allow their features to show properly.
Many times, brides go for spray tans just before the ceremony which may not suit the makeup they had decided upon for the wedding day. Sometimes, brides do not leave a window period between facial treatments and wedding, which may lead to skin problems on the wedding day. Many brides do not use a concealer below the primer and foundation.
They also choose a foundation that does not match with their skin tone. This gives a very patchy caked look, and problem areas like dark circles easily show through.

What to do?

If you are getting a spray tan, get it done before you buy a wedding dress so that you know how you will look on the wedding day.
Do not forget to get a makeup trial before the wedding day.
Use a little extra blush as it will make your face look brighter.
Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.
Re-touch your makeup from time to time.
Use waterproof eye makeup, especially the mascara and eyeliner.
Use concealer to cover patches of skin, specially under the eye.
Use a bright shade of transfer-resistant lipstick which will give you a perfect kiss-proof look.
Keep your makeup simple and pretty, and have touch ups throughout the day.

Going for a Hairstyle which Does NOT Suit You

As you will be the center of attention, it is important that every aspect of your dressing is impeccable. Not only does it involve dress, shoes, and makeup, but also your hairstyle. Whether you are planning to get a hairdo or leave your hair open, it should suit your dress and face structure.
The best way to judge which hairstyle suits you is to have a trial at least a few days before the wedding. Do not carry out any experiments with your hair or hairstyle on or before your wedding day.
Many women cut their hair right before the wedding, instead it is advisable to cut your hair at least 2 to 3 months prior to the wedding date, so that it will grow well for your desired hairstyle. Do a research among your friends for stylists before you zero down on a hairstyle.
You don't want an altogether different hairstyle in your wedding, so find a stylist who can give you good recommendations and can be trusted.
Many brides change their hair color right before the wedding. It won't be effective unless you want to look like someone else. Most brides try one hairstyle and fix it for the wedding day. Instead of having just one look throughout the ceremony, you may change the hairstyle for the reception.
What to do?
Try out your veil as well as any other headpiece that you are going to wear.
Don't forget to touch up your hair.
Show your stylist some pictures of the hairstyle you want to have.
Try out different hairstyles and choose the one which suits the best.
Wash your hair one day before the wedding and do not use a conditioner.

Not Following Wedding Day Timeline

In order to have a perfect hassle-free wedding day, it is essential that you have a timeline of events in place. Many brides either don't make such a timeline or don't follow it. Most of the time, the time allotted for driving to church is lesser than what it actually takes. Consider the traffic and other delays before you decide the time span.
Who doesn't want fairytale-like wedding photos? But spending too much time in photography is not advisable. Besides, brides take a longtime to get ready and they should as it is their day, but consider this time span when you are drafting the timeline. It is actually going to take longer than it did for the hairstyle and makeup rehearsals.
Also, consider the time that your relatives and bridesmaids will need to get ready. A little slag in time is allowed, but a major one can change the timetable of the entire wedding day.
It is important that everybody, including your makeup person, hairstylist, photographer, driver, caterers, DJ, etc,. is aware of the time schedule.
It is best to draft a timetable with names of the key contact people and distributing it to the wedding party beforehand to avoid problems on the wedding day. A few days prior to the wedding ceremony, sit with all the parties involved, including the groom and go over the entire time schedule so that it can be followed thoroughly.

What to do?

Be proactive in judging the approximate estimate of time for each activity.
Keep some bonus time so that little slags in time schedule will not affect your wedding plan.
Include every small detail, task, and task master in your master schedule.
It is important that the team you have hired follows your schedule and not vice versa.
If you are moving the guests from one area to the other, take the time involved into consideration.
Wedding photography can take a lot of time, so plan some of the shots ahead of the time.

Last-minute Budget Overflow

Do you really have to call your third cousin's best friend's boss to your marriage? No matter how much of a princess-like wedding you want, it all comes down to the budget constraints. While having an elaborate wedding is passé, the new trend dictates private affairs with controlled list of invitees.
Do away with the feelings of irrational hospitality. This helps you save a lot of money and also spend it rightly on things that truly matter to you like the interior décor for your first house or a honeymoon at some exotic place.
Many brides make last minute changes in the floral décor which may double the bills. It is advisable to have discussion of floral arrangements, food, drinks, etc. beforehand. The wedding plan can go awry in a blink, if the expenses are not kept in check. Many brides want things to be perfect, even if it costs a bomb.
Restrict the number of bridesmaids so that you can control the expense of bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Also, do not choose too many items for the menu.
Everything right from the wedding coordinator to the venue will cost you. Some people even take personal loans to dispense the expenses. If you prioritize your costs, you will be able to curtail the budget.

What to do?

Don't take loans for the wedding, years of repayment is not worth spending of one day.
Fix a budget and stick to it.
As a bride, you can undertake some DIY projects to save money.
Don't invite distantly related people, you don't even know.
You can have your wedding at your home to save money.

Wrong Choice of Bridesmaids Dresses

Brides often want to look like a queen on their wedding day, so they turn their bridesmaids into fashion disasters. The truth is that every woman has a distinctive body and forcing your friends to wear a design which you assume looks good can make them look terrible.
In fact, selecting the same design for all the bridesmaids will make them look like clones. The best idea is to choose a fabric and allow them to pick their own style.Choose the colors which will not only complement your bridal dress, but also your bridesmaids' complexion.
For example, pastels may look wonderful on girls with fairer complexion, but they may not flatter other complexions. You can consult your bridesmaid for the design and order the dresses in advance so that they can try out the dresses.
Apart from your choice, it is their comfort which should matter. If they are not comfortable wearing strapless or low neckline dresses, do not force them to. If it is cold, do not forget to provide the necessary shawls, shrugs or sweaters with the dresses.
Don't doll them up in ugly and frumpy bridesmaid dresses, as it will not make them feel good. They play a key role in your wedding ceremony, and it is essential that you keep them happy and smiling.
What to do?
✓ Choose elegant dresses for your bridesmaids according to your budget.
Give them matching accessories from head to toe.
A-line and princess silhouette designs are ideal for all kinds of body shapes.
Choose a dress which can be re-used by your bridesmaids.
Don't do everything yourself, take the help of your maid of honor in selecting the dresses.
Keep the weather in mind for choosing a pattern and color.

Forgetting the True Meaning of Wedding Day

Many brides forget that they are supposed to enjoy this most important day in their lives. Instead they lose their calm on minute details of the event. The urge to have everything under control and perfect takes over. The bride can become cranky or angry, or just lash out at the groom or her parents.
Don't forget that the wedding day is only for a few hours, but what truly matters is spending the entire life with your partner in a committed relationship. It is best that if any problem arises in the wedding, you let go of the mishap and move on. Ignore the detractors and keep smiling throughout the day.

What to do?

Learn to let go if your expectations do not come true
Have respect for your parents and groom, and do not lash out at them.
Learn to count your blessings.
Maintain a cheerful disposition throughout the wedding
Ignore people who make negative comments.
Keep calm and stay positive.


Never hire a friend or family member for wedding planning. Get professional wedding planners.
If your parents want to express their emotions, allow them to do it.
Don't use conditioner on the day of your wedding as your hair might become greasy.
Smile and greet all the guests.
Whether you have an indoor or outdoor venue, see to it that you are dressed accordingly.
Be flexible and accepting, it will help you to slide through any wedding mishaps easily.
It is one of the most beautiful days in a girl's life and you should cherish every moment of it. Always remember, these are the blissful memories that will stay with you forever.
Do not terrorize your loved ones by breaking rules of etiquette and making unreasonable demands. Enjoy your wedding day and avoid making mistakes that will steal the sunshine from these stunning moments.