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Long, Medium, and Short Bridal Hairstyles

Poushali Ganguly
Still searching for the perfect hairdo that will make you white-carpet ready? No matter whether you have short, mid-length, or long hair, draw inspiration from these gorgeous styles shown here. One of them is sure to dazzle your guests!
On her wedding day, every girl wants to look her best, be it her bridal dress, her footwear, the make-up, or her hairdo. Though most of us seem to manage the dress and the other things that are a part of the whole grand ritual of shopping, yet many brides are mostly in a state of uncertainty regarding their hairdo.
Hair being of different kinds and lengths, hairstyle becomes the greatest predicament for the would-be bride. From changing your hair color to growing it long, or keeping it short for your wedding, you will need to commence planning the same well in advance. Go in for a wedding trial once a month, or two maybe with a professional stylist.
This will make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your hairdo. We've got some wedding hairstyles for you -- from classic updos and tight-twisted buns to simple updos beautified with glittery stuff -- that could make more of an impact at your wedding than you'd think.

Bridal Wedding Hairstyles

Long Hair

Voluminous style lends texture to this understated bun, oozing sophistication.
Long flowing hair adorned with a thin, glittery headband makes for an effortlessly pretty look.
Step up the bling factor by adding jewels directly to your chignon!
Tease your curly locks to create a stylish yet elegant pompadour. You'll rock in it!
How about adding exquisite flowers to your updo. It will be apt in case it's a beach wedding.
Half-up, half-down 'dos with side-swept curls, embellished with floral and pearls make for an unconventional look.
☆ If you have long and healthy hair, take pride in showing it off. So, choose to leave it open, and when doing so, you can also curl your hair so as to give your hair a different look.
☆ Brides with long hair can also go for an updo and enhance it with beautiful hairpins, or tiara. A very classic look can be achieved by combining a tiara and a veil (even either of them does work!). The fabric or the designs on the gown can also be taken into account, and the hair can be styled accordingly.
☆ Few of you who feel that leaving it open would be too messy or real casual for the big day can also braid it, leaving a few strands, which can float around the face, giving you a softer look.
☆ Long hair can also be pulled back into a half updo. It can also be parted with curls rippling around your shoulders. Girls with curly hair can go for a Double Asian Knot, or a simply elegant updo.
☆ Long hair can also be decorated with a floral wreath. One can also style her hair into a French plait with some strands left open or a Chignon, which would help to get an illusion of extra height.

☆ The "undone bun" or a tight-twisted bun also helps in underlining the different streaks of color in your hair, if you have recently colored it.
☆ Sculpted half-up half-down 'dos with a bevy of cascading curls adorned with flowers can be more than captivating.

Medium Hair

An updo with intricate spirals and curls sets up the romantic look.
This relaxed half-up, half-down style with a touch of pearls plays up the bride's natural beauty.
This bride's hair reflects a vintage-lover's dream updo! Old is Gold!
A lovely lace appliqué headband or a tiara with voluminous waves gives a simple yet eye-catching look.
If you have lovely curls, have you thought of showing off your super-curly locks on your big day?
A dazzling floral headpiece is the ultimate finishing touch for the otherwise subdued hairdo.
☆ Brides with medium hair can tie up their hair, leave it untied, or a combo of both can be tried. Hair can be pulled back and tied leaving a few strands open to adorn the nape.
☆ Tiaras or shell hairpins can add to the beauty. Tying your hair into an updo decked with white ivory also can be done, or else an updo with renaissance curls concealing both ears can also make the bride look outstanding and different.
☆ Layered bob can be left open with the ends curled up, giving a spectacular look. Medium hair can also be combed back and pinned to form ringlets, which can further be garlanded with floral pins. Butterfly hairpins will be apt for this hairdo.
☆ Brides with straight hair can tie it into a high pony tail with side parting, curl the hair strands into small curls with the help of rollers, and then bedazzle with Rhinestone tiara, or rose hairpins.
☆ Feathers and traditional veils also make the bride look very graceful. A combination of tendrils and curls can also be tried, making the bride's dreams come true. Shell and floral claws are also a very good option for brides with medium hair so as to maintain the style for an entire day.

Short Hair

Layered hair embellished with a golden-colored handmade tiara can be a great option.
Brides with short hair can have ravishing waves, too! Thought of fancifying it with a tiara or a headband? You should!
If you have a pixie cut, then even a long, flowing bridal veil (with a pair of glittering earrings) makes you simple and pretty.
A "Victoria Beckham" bob haircut will always be in fashion. You don't have to do anything else!
Light flicks on your forehead and ooh-la-la volume make for an angelic look.
A braided crown adds a fresh feel to this otherwise tight updo.

How Else Can You Wear Your Hair

☆ If you have an up-to-date haircut, the ends can be curled. A bit of further polishing and styling with the flowing veil gives a complete look.
☆ Short hair can also be combed back and decked with flowers. This would give an illusion of long hair tied into a careless bun. Curling can also help in making short hair look long, but then flat fronts look neater, so rollers should be used at the back which would help in giving your hair more texture and character.
☆ For very short hair, gel can be used to style, and then a simple stone tiara gives the white angel look. Do not touch warm curls, and avoid combing hair after curling, since it makes short hair look messy. It is better to "finger fluff" it.

Hairstyle Tips for Would-be-Brides

✰ Do not experiment with your hairstyle, or hair color at the last moment.
✰ Rehearse the hairstyle that you have zeroed in on at least once before the D-day.
✰ Keep your wedding dress in mind when considering a hairstyle.
✰ Start taking care of your hair well in advance.
✰ Choose the right accessories, and keep options in hand.
✰ Keep it simple. Do not overdo it.
Here's wishing all you to-be brides the very best of luck. Stay relaxed and feel beautiful, which would add to your glow; I am sure you would bewitch your man.