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Calla Lily Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations adorned with calla lilies look chic and sophisticated. Find some ways in which this floral design can be used on invites from the following story.
Mamta Mule
A calla lily is a symbol of timeless purity, modesty, virginity, and innocence. Hence, it is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing a design for wedding invitations. Such invites complement a calla lily-themed wedding very well.
Given ahead are some ideas that you can try for your wedding invitations along with few beautifully made wedding invitations of calla lily flowers.

Images for invites in the story are for representative purpose only.

Colorful Invitations

Calla lilies come in a variety of colors like white, pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange. All these can be utilized to create lovely, colorful invitations. A bunch of yellow lilies over a white card will look very pretty.
Invites with a bunch of purple lilies or just 2-3 big ones on the left side of the card will look amazing. You can have an ivory or shimmery silver background that will go well with the purple color.
If you wish to have a black background for the invites, go for burnt orange lilies over it. You can also have a combo of pale and burnt orange flowers to create a balanced design. Red callas will also look very attractive on a white background. A combination of red and white calla lilies will look beautiful on a dark paper. Light pink, a favorite of many brides, is a great choice for formal invitations.

Embossed Invitations

Invitations with an embossed print are quite popular. The color used for the flowers and the background is usually white or shiny ivory in such invites. They look pretty with a glossy pattern and sometimes come with a touch of glitter. Another option is to have a plain background and a shiny flower embossed over it. Here you can have the flower in the same color as that of the card or in a different color. Usually, lighter shades like pink, yellow, lavender, light-green, or light-blue are used for such cards.

Invitations with Calla Lily Background

There are a lot of options available in this pattern in terms of color and placement of the flowers. You can first decide whether you wish to have a faint, dark, or watermark background for the card.
Then decide whether you want the flowers to span the entire background, or just a border of about 2 inches from each side. You can choose to place them in the central portion of the background or in the left or right half of the card.
In case of a dark background, you should use a black-colored font. A great idea will be to have a single lily in white or any other faint shade in the background and the content written over it.
There are a number of websites offering a great variety of templates with various designs and creative wordings for the wedding invitations. You can either choose one of these templates or come up with your own design from the aforementioned ideas and get your wedding invitations custom-made.