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Candelabra Centerpieces

Aastha Dogra
Candelabra centerpieces are visually and mentally stimulating, making them perfect for any wedding decor.
When planning the decor of a wedding, wedding table centerpieces are given special emphasis by the wedding planners. As the guests are seated around the table, centerpieces are most likely to catch their maximum attention amongst all the other wedding decorations.
Whether you are planning a traditional wedding or a modern wedding, candelabra centerpieces are an ideal choice. They look classy, unique, and elegant, all at once. And contrary to what people think, they are not always costly. Here are some unique ideas for using candelabra wedding centerpieces for the most special day of your life.

More than a Decoration Piece

You must have seen candelabra centerpieces at a wedding in the past. Mostly, they are in the shape of a tree, with a number of candle holders all around at the end of their 'branches'. Sometimes they may take the shape of a chandelier too. 
There is one thing which is specifically unique to them; unlike other wedding centerpieces, these can alter or add to the lighting effect at the wedding venue. Candelabra candles or bulbs can be very creatively used to change the mood at any wedding.

The Varieties

Candelabra centerpieces are available in various metals and colors. There are the golden ones made of brass, the ivory silver ones, the black wrought iron ones, and the most popular of them all are the crystal centerpieces. 
These centerpieces modeled after chandeliers are the perfect choice for people who are planning a formal, elegant wedding reception. All it needs is a couple of white candles on the holders and you have the most classy and royal looking crystal wedding centerpiece.


For those of you who are looking for some lesser costing candelabra centerpieces, the ones made from wrought iron are a good choice. These can be decorated with some colored scented candles and inverted wine bottles to add a modern art touch to the wedding.
In case the venue is in the open and the atmosphere is windy, you can use centerpieces available in wrought iron which come with LED operated candles and are perfect to meet such weather conditions.

Modern Designs

oday, candelabras have been given a modern touch to suit the tastes of the younger generation. There are candelabra centerpieces available in heart shape, basket shape, as well as the ones which come with drop candles. However, when it comes to popularity, the classic Renaissance styled centerpieces still steal the show.

With Floral Arrangements

These days, wedding planners very aesthetically give candelabra centerpieces a different kind of look and feel by adding beautiful wedding flowers to them along with the candles. 
The most popular way to add flowers is to place the floral arrangement in the center candle holder, and the candles in those all around at the end of the branches. When it comes to the selection of flowers for a wrought iron centerpiece, bright red-colored flowers are usually chosen as the striking contrast of red and black makes the centerpiece stand out.
For silvery crystal centerpieces, a flower arrangement with subdued pastel-colored flowers such as pink, light yellow, and white looks good as these flowers do not overshadow the shine and glitter of crystals and silver on the centerpiece.
As you can see, candelabra centerpieces can really enhance the beauty of the wedding venue. Besides the table, they can even be placed on the side of the aisle, welcoming the beautiful bride in an elegant style. Whether you go in for the traditional ones or the modern ones, these centerpieces are sure to make your day even more special and memorable!