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Dresses to Wear for a Courthouse Wedding

Sheetal Mandora Oct 09, 2020
Just because you're marrying at a courthouse, doesn't mean you have to skip out on a special dress. For a bride-to-be looking for a modest, yet memorable wedding dress for a courthouse wedding, this story can serve as a helpful guide.

It's a small gathering after all.

As courthouse ceremonies are not as large as regular weddings, limit the number of guests (parents and closest friends) to less than 10.
Planning a courthouse wedding is vastly different from planning a traditional church wedding. Perhaps the fanfare may not appear as grand as some brides-to-be dream of, a ceremony performed in a courthouse has its own charm. And among all other preparations, a bride-to-be also has to pick a dress for the special day.
But since we're here to help you every step of the way, you won't have trouble finding a dress; the issue will be picking just one out the following 26 courthouse wedding dress ideas.


A short white dress looks chic, even when the style, cut, fabric, and design is subtle. So whether you're trying to capture the vintage 1960s' vibe or want to wear a dress that's both modern, yet graceful, these gorgeous dresses will swoon you over.


A fun cocktail dress or perhaps a sleek printed dress can work wonders as your courthouse wedding dress. The trick is to not get too intimidated by what others 'think' you should wear. It's your wedding day, and the most important point is to celebrate and enjoy it in a way you want. So, go pick out a floral dress or perhaps the one with geometric prints, because it is up to you to make the final call.


Not every bride-to-be wishes to wear a crisp, white dress on her wedding day. A simple courthouse wedding dress can be a vibrant- and bold-colored lace dress that you've been crushing on for weeks now. So, while shopping for the dress, keep your eyes and choices open for dresses in a variety of colors (pink, royal blue, emerald), fabric (satin, chiffon, lace, tulle), and styles (sleeveless, strapless, cap sleeves, A-line, empire waist, etc.).


For a semi-formal appeal, but not completely traditional-looking dress, look for long dresses that complement your body type. If you are comfortable with the idea of a form-fitting or maxi dress for the day, there are plenty of dress styles to choose from. And a good way to begin your research is by checking out sites like eDressMe, Missguided, Simply Dresses, and the like.
Of course, there are many more options to choose from, such as a pant suit, a skirt with a complementing blouse and jacket, a chic jumpsuit, or a long, elegant white wedding dress with the train. So what if you're getting married at the courthouse! You can wear any kind of attire, white or any color, for the ceremony. After all, this is your big day. Plan it the way you've always imagined it should be.