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Elegant Wedding Centerpieces

Reshma Jirage Jan 12, 2021
Centerpieces are an integral part of most weddings because they add to the festivities and make the guests feel welcome.
Most weddings are planned around a theme which determines its d├ęcor and ambiance. Since due importance is given to each and every detail in a wedding, the same applies to the way tables are decorated for the guests.
Wedding decoration norms require that only one type of centerpiece is used for all the tables, except the one reserved for the bride and groom. Even though floral arrangements are preferred, there are various other items such as candles, plants, fabrics, and wood that are used to make attractive centerpieces.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A wedding centerpiece does not need to be elaborate or expensive, however, it needs to be tastefully done. Simple flower arrangements look wonderful, especially if a single color palette is chosen; one that complements the theme.
The purple flowers blend perfectly with the lavender base. The use of ribbons on the vase and the napkins, makes the entire table look even. The use of red and pink roses in a clear vase allows the colors to pop, also adds romantic energy to wedding. Such subtle use of flowers makes a beautiful wedding centerpiece.
Flowers can be used along with plants to make a suitable centerpiece. The use of fresh greens, make the decor look more natural, earthy, and rustic. Attractive branches, driftwood, and climbers can be used along with flowers to give a completely natural appeal.
Each centerpiece can be given a number so that the guests know which table is allotted to them. For instance, the use of a small photo frame not only notifies the guests, and makes it look unique and elegant. Similarly, small handwritten or printed placards can be set atop or besides such centerpieces.
If you want more conspicuous centerpiece gracing the table, always go in for exotic flowers, such as tiger lilies, orchids, viburnum, and ferns that are available in multiple colors. Choose any color that befits the season. For instance, the colors such as orange and yellow look wonderful in fall wedding themes.
Green is another color that never goes out of fashion and brings with it a feeling of freshness and a sense of new beginnings; the perfect description of marriage. Arrange flowers in a tall clear vase and add green marbles or river pebbles at the base. Use golden strings and wires with tiny clear beads to emulate the sheen of dew drops reflecting sunlight.
You can also recreate the effect of a flowering bonsai tree by trimming a small sage branch. You may add bigger flowers or even feathers to the tree to give it a more vibrant and exotic appeal. Sprinkle a few flowers around the base, so as to make the tree look more enchanting.
Taller centerpieces, use flowers which have long stems, such as lilies, calla flowers, and gladiolus. These flowers can either be bunched up and placed in a long vase or placed as a pair with a bouquet forming its base. While ordering for such centerpieces, ensure that the flower stems are sturdy and do not droop.
Candles can either be used as they are or along with flowers and decorative accessories. Best suited for evening weddings, where they not only brighten the ambiance, but also creates a romantic setting. Also used to ward off negativity and ill wishes from people who may be envious of the holy matrimony.
Since we are dealing with fire, it would be wise to utilize tall candle stands that can be beautified with flowers and strings of beads. Wedding centerpieces can also be made using pebbles, seashells, or sculptures, depending on the theme. Since it is planned on a specific budget, simple yet elegant centerpieces would help keep the expenses within budget.