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Fall-themed Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Sheetal Mandora
Before you host the party, you have to choose either preprinted or custom fall-themed bridal shower invitations. Here are a few suggestions on what these invitations can be like.
"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." —Emily Brontë
While planning a shower for the bride, it is essential to send the invitations at least 4-6 weeks before the event. Depending on your budget, you need to either purchase or make the invitations a week in advance.
For a fall-themed shower, the invitations can reflect the slowly changing colors of the leaves on the trees. Incorporating the beautiful fall colors and style in the invitations, you can easily create or pick out a design.

Fall-themed Bridal Shower Invitation Samples

You can choose shower invitations from sweet and simple, to high-end. There are so many options that will fit the fall theme easily, and suit your budget. Here are a few design options you can consider.
Since you've already zeroed in on the theme, half your work, with invitations, is already done. The other half is to find the words that can go along with it. Find inspiration from the bride's interests; perhaps she loves a particular writer or poet.
You can include a quote in the invitations that can combine both these elements perfectly.

E.g. Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. —Albert Camus
While including information in the invitations, make sure to include details like the bride's name, venue, date, time, host's name, RSVP details, and gift registry. This way, the guests have ample time to find out if they'll be attending the event or not.
Fall doesn't have to be harsh and rustic. You can definitely find a delicate, feminine, and classic side to finalize the fall-themed invitations.
The fall trees too can provide the inspiration you're looking for. Just know, all the elements on the card and the wordings should highlight the bride's interests and likes.
Regardless of who throws the shower, the bride and host should work together while planning the event. Here, the card includes a beautiful picture of a couple; that could be a wonderful idea for the invitations you send out. And to make this decision, it's a good thing that you, the host, is working with the bride.
Many brides are forgoing a traditional bridal shower where only her friends and family members are included. So, if a couples' wedding shower seems like an interesting change, the bride can choose to invite friends and families of both. And in that case, the invitation should reflect it as well.
Finally, do keep in mind that the invitation cards need to be elegant and grand, yet informative and a homage to the season.
Choose from colors like dark reds, greens, browns, and oranges when searching or making the invitations. Even though the weather is getting cooler, this is the only season that brings warmth and elegance along.
Apart from the shower invitations, there are many more wedding stationery required for the wedding. Be sure to inform and help the bride-to-be with the planning.