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Great Gift Ideas to Appreciate Flower Girls

Sheetal Mandora
It's essential to say thank you to the flower girl in your wedding. Do this with a special gift just for her, by finding inspiration here.

Tradition Shmadition

Ideally, brides-to-be have flower girls between the ages of 4 and 8. But this is your wedding. If your flower girl doesn't fit the age group, that's totally fine. After all, it's your day. You can do whatever you like.
Preparing to take her first few steps down the aisle, dressed in a gorgeous dress, a flower girl is someone who will share the bride's wedding day spotlight. She decorates the runner with petals, and spreads not just joy, but so much cuteness around. For such a wonderful and gentle flower girl, the bride has to find a way to appreciate her.
But of course, we weren't going to leave you empty-handed without disclosing a few gift ideas. Say thanks with some wonderful and practical gifts for your flower girl. She's sure going to love 'em.

Gift Ideas for Your Flower Girl

It doesn't matter how old your flower girl is, but the gift you present her should definitely be age-appropriate. So, as you go through our list below, keep her age in mind, and then make the final decision.
Animal Slippers
For a little flower girl, cute animal slippers make for a fun and practical gift. If you happen to know what's her favorite creature, you can easily customize this gift. Help keep her little feet warm, till she's ready for bed.
Personal Diary
A customized diary makes an excellent personal gift. You can get her picture printed on the cover along with her name, and write a sweet message inside. It doesn't matter if she's too young to write anything in it at the moment. This will be a personal gift from you for her future.
Flower Necklace
A flower necklace for the flower girl; isn't it just perfect?! You can get the necklace that has her birthstone in it. This not only makes it valuable to her, but also expresses your feelings. Write a personal message with the gift that she can cherish forever.

Glycerin Soaps

If your flower girl isn't exactly a "girl", so to speak, you can think of some grown-up gifts for her. A lovely set of handmade soaps is a wonderful idea that fits really well at such times. If glycerin soaps don't really hit a chord, you can get her a starter makeup kit.
Photo Frame
Many gift shops have frames that can be customized to your needs. Find a frame that has the words "Flower Girl" painted or engraved on it, and you can give this as a gift. Be sure to take a lovely picture with your flower girl and place the photo in it. Your gift will remind her of this day forever.

Jewelry Box

Whether she's 3 years old or 8, your flower girl will be needing this box for a long, long time. She can place all her girly trinkets in it for now, and when she's older, she'll remember this beautiful gift from you.
Teddy Bear
Cute and lovable, a cuddly teddy bear is loved by all kids. There are so many department and online stores that have hundreds of different kinds of teddy bears. Pick the one you think she'll love, personalize it with her name embroidered on it, and gift it to her as a lasting keepsake that she's sure to treasure.
Personalized Tote Bag
Practical, wonderful, and cute, a tote bag with the picture of the flower girl is just perfect. There are many websites that give you ideas to design a tote bag. If you're not too keen on printing her picture, you can choose from various designs and patterns to make this gift unique.
If you're gifting her something that she'll have to carry with her on the wedding day, be sure to deliver it to her well in advance. As for any other gift that you've finalized, hand-deliver it to her before or after the ceremony.