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Groom's Wedding Day Checklist

Sujata Iyer
Be equipped with the groom's wedding day checklist mentioned in this story and you'll breeze through the day with not so much as a hiccup. Have a look.
Somehow it always happens that most of the focus of a wedding falls on the bride. I mean sure she has a lot more to worry about on the wedding day (guys just don't get why the flowers should match the bridesmaids' dresses and things like that, do they?), but then even the groom has his share. He has a lot of responsibilities that only he can take care of or rather the duties that were assigned especially for him.
Most of the duties and responsibilities are taken care of well before the wedding day. However, it always helps to have a little reminder of all the things that need to be taken care of ON the wedding day itself, so that you eliminate any chance whatsoever of anything going even slightly wrong. This Wedessence article will give you a handy checklist that you can use on your wedding day. Go through it and add or remove items as it suits you.

Checklist for a Groom

There's bound to be a million different things going on in your head as a groom on your wedding day. Did the band arrive on time, is the minister's conveyance taken care of, and other such things that you may have taken upon yourself to arrange for. Given below is a checklist that you can maintain in order to have an easy record of all the things that should be done before you go stand at the altar and wait for your beautiful bride.
  • Keep a list of contact numbers of all the groomsmen and the best man for emergencies.
  • Note down contact numbers of the various people and services hired at the wedding.
  • See to it that your entire attire is in a ready to be worn condition, along with all accessories.
  • The rings need to be placed in your pocket and may be handed to the best man for safekeeping once you step out of your room.
  • Keep a fresh, clean handkerchief with you, in case of some teary moments.
  • Your shoes need to be polished to a shine and comfortable to wear. Avoid new shoes because they may hurt your feet.
  • Wake up early and have a nice, long, warm shower to get rid of any tense muscles that you may experience.
  • Shave close, and if you intend to keep a stubble, be sure to trim it to make it look neat.
  • If you want to give your hair some special treatment on the wedding day, make sure you keep whatever you need like a gel or spray, on the dresser the previous night itself.
  • Get ready slowly and ask your mother or sister to fasten the boutonni√®re for you in place.
  • Also, place the handkerchief, well folded in the pocket.
  • Don't forget to wear enough deodorant or perfume to get you through the entire day, You're not going to get time to pop in for a quick fix once the ceremony begins.
  • Make sure your groomsmen know which bridesmaids they will be escorting. Get them to meet each other before the actual ceremony so they're comfortable with each other.
  • Make your best man and the maid of honor meet as well.
  • Keep a copy of the wedding vows (if you're writing your own) in the outer pocket of your jacket. This way, you won't have to fumble. Better yet, give it to one of the groomsmen or the best man to hand it to you when it's your turn to read them.
  • After the entire ceremony is over, the payments to all people and service providers have to be made. So, keep your checkbook ready, all filled and signed, with checks placed in separate envelopes.
  • The car needs to be ready as soon as the party is over to take you and your new bride to the hotel. So, make sure that is taken care of and is ready at the exit.
  • It would be a good idea for you and your new wife to sign the wedding certificate, get copies, lock away the original, and then leave for your honeymoon.
There you go! An entire list of all the things that you need to take care of on your wedding day. Hey, no one said it was going to be a cakewalk. But at least now you have some help on paper, that you can refer to, rather than cramming everything in your head. Have a happy wedding!