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Hairstyles for Brides

Kashmira Lad
Finding the right hairstyle to blend with your wedding gown can be quite a task. Here are some hairstyles for brides that can guide you to select the right one for your wedding day.
The wedding day is the most awaited day in every woman's life. It is most awaited because it is the most important day in her life, and probably most girls have dreamed about walking down the aisle since their teenage days.
But wait a minute; things can get really hectic when it comes to planning all the details; right from the wedding gown to the venue. This is the time when quick decisions need to be made, and tempers are known to fly!
Well, when it comes to finding the right wedding gown, most women are bound to be confused with the number of options available. And once you find the right one, you suddenly realize you may not be sporting the right hairdo for it! What should one do in such cases?
There are loads of dos and don'ts when it comes to hairstyles for brides. Firstly, it should suit the texture of your hair as well as the wedding gown that you choose. Here are a few things to consider before you go in for bridal hairstyles.
Consult your hairstylist at least 6 months before the wedding. If you have finalized your wedding gown, take it or take a sample of the sketch so that the hairstylist gets a basic idea of the cut of the neck and other features of the gown. Carry a sketch of the headpiece as well. This would help him/her to know what kind of a look would suit you the best.
Try to analyze if you need a simple hairdo or an intricate one. Always take a trial of this hairdo before you plan it for the wedding day. You need to see how you feel with the hairstyle, as some of them can tend to tug your tresses too tightly whereas some require the use of pins, that can tend to hurt and cause major pain throughout the day.
The time of the wedding is also important when it comes to hairstyles. If you are surprised to read this, well, this is largely because loose and long flowing tresses look best during the day; whereas tight and tied up tresses, which makes one look formal and elegant, look super at night.
Hairstyles need not always use color. Chemical treatments need to be avoided few days before the wedding if you are not used to doing it on a regular basis.

Haute Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

Idea #1

Create a romantic look with this tip. This look would go well for those who have long flowing gowns and need to add some drama for the evening. This hairstyle works great for medium length hair, which are thick to fine in texture and curly as well.
Pull the hair into a high ponytail or a tight bun, and use a hairpiece to secure it. You can use a side parting or a center parting for this as well. Use a medium size curling iron on the edges of the hair. Once you have managed the curls, pin them softly into a bun.
Do remember that the front side of the hair should not be too tight. A neat and relaxed look works best with this hairdo. Use some intricately designed clips along the side. The veil will now be easy to attach. If you want a slightly taller look, attach it above the bun.

Idea #2

This one is for brides with naturally straight hair or for those who love straight hair. It is great for wearing a tiara and looking truly like an elegant princess straight out of a fairytale. It works for medium or even long hair. Pull back hair into a high ponytail and roll them under. Use pins below to fix them.
Leave a small section of the ponytail to wrap around the bun. This would cover up all the pins used below, and give a neat look. If you do not have enough volume, you can place hair pads below the ponytail. They are easily available online. Place a tiara at the crown, and add some sexy danglers.

Idea #3

This look suits hair that fall just below the chin level. You will need to straighten your hair and blow-dry it. This is a fairly easy style and can be tried on at home. You need to part the hair on the side and smoothen them at the crown.
Now, tuck them behind the ears. This one works well for accessories. Get a studded hairpin and place it just behind one ear. An ideal look if you are looking to keep it soft and subtle. Add bangs to give definition to your face.

Idea #4

If curls are the order of the day, soft ringlets can never go wrong to add some drama to the entire look. This look is dressy without being over dramatic in its appeal. Use medium and large ironing curls. You might have to spray each section with hair spray so that the curls stay in place.
If your hair is short, it can still look fantastic as short hair tend to give it a flirty look. Add some highlights few weeks before so that curls are highlighted. Use delicately designed hair clips behind the ear and match with chandelier earrings.

Idea #5

For short hair, use curls to give fullness to the crown area. This can also be pinned back to look like a bun, and if needed you can use extensions as well. Use hair clips to accessorize short hair. If curls are not your kind, use gel for a sleek look. Add some flashy earrings with makeup to complete the look.
You also need to think about the way you will wear your veil. It can be placed at the back of the head or sometimes the headpiece is worn at the crown where the veil can be attached to it. This may cover your beautiful hairdo but it can also be removed later to display your magnificent bridal hairstyle.
So, don't get stressed out over your tresses! Plan in advance, and be prepared for all the compliments that will come your way, on your special day.