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How to Choose a Wedding Fragrance

Shalu Bhatti Aug 31, 2020
Fragrances are powerful means to trigger memories, and who doesn't want their wedding to be the most fond memory of all? This story will take you through some essential tips to keep in mind, while choosing a perfume for your wedding.
"A great perfume will weave an emotional thread in the fabric of our lives."Marian Bendeth, Global Fragrance Expert, Sixth Scents
A wedding calls for a lot of preparations―dresses, rings, bouquet, decorations, caterers, guests ... the list is endless! In the midst of these endless tasks, we tend to forget about what we believe, happens to be an essential component of a wedding attire―a perfume!
You might look like a tomboy otherwise, or perhaps you've never been so much into fragrances, but a day as special as your wedding, calls for inducing some magical scent in the air, that marks for your wedding day.
What we love about perfumes is the enchanting aura they create, not only around the person wearing it, but also in the overall atmosphere. We think the best compliment one can ever receive from anyone is about how enthralling their perfume is.
A perfume becomes a part of one's personality; haven't you noticed how we tend to associate them with a particular person's individual scent? Different occasions call for different scents, especially weddings. While you want your perfume to be strong enough to attract the due share of attention, you don't want it to be extremely overpowering.
Lost in the midst of all the options, how will you know which is the scent for you, on the most special day of your life? Fret not, the following section has all the essential tips to help you out.

Picking the Right Fragrance for Your Wedding Day

To begin with, never keep this task for the last minute, especially if you wish to try out a new scent while beginning this new chapter of life.
We know it is difficult to manage time when you have to take care of so many wedding preparations simultaneously, but try to spare a maximum of two and a minimum of one day in hand, for this purpose. You not only need time to select between the different options, but also evaluate the different facets on which this decision would depend.
There is no harm in wearing your signature scent (if you have any) for your wedding day. Most people tend to keep it the traditional way, meaning, they go for the classic scents that were worn by their mom/dad, or perhaps the generation before that! On the other hand, there are some who would want to discover thisexceptional scent that exclusively associates with this special day.

A Wedding-Special Scent

In the words of Kate Lord Brown, "Perfume is the key to our memories." The new scent you choose for your wedding day, even when applied after 5 years of marriage, is capable to recreate the same vision in your mind, of how magical and special you felt.
A good suggestion would be this: Begin wearing this special scent from your wedding day throughout the honeymoon, or perhaps for a few months after that. Then switch. To revive the passion and love in your marriage, wear it exclusively for romantic occasions to make both you and your partner sense the passion you had when you were a newly-wed couple.

Our Picks

★ Vera Wang by Vera Wang is a popular choice for many brides; a modern representation of floral fragrances. The scintillating blend of calla lily and gardenia, when combined with floral nectar, brings forth a magical sense of passion and joy.
★ Gorgeous Gardenia by Gucci consists of the perfect balance of a feminine fragrance, combined with the richness of red berries and gardenia petals. This would efficaciously reflect your strength, dignity, and femininity at the same time.
★ Beauty by Calvin Klein induces a sense of sophistication with the right amount of sensuality. A perfect blend of floral (jasmine and neo lily), citrus, and cedarwood notes, with ambrette seeds will make the bride feel confident and sexy at the same time.
★ Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is another favorite. It releases effervescent notes of floral and citrus-y fragrances including orange, bergamot, jasmine, turkish rose, patchouli, vanilla, and white musk. We love the irresistible mix of freshness and sensuality that this perfume pours out.
★ Marry Me by Lanvin is a perfume that is made to create the magic one feels when finding a soul mate. It has captivating scents of Sambac jasmine, rose petals, magnolia blossom, peach, and bitter Tunisian orange. A mix of floral and fruity essences exhibit cheerfulness, romance, passion, sensuality, and fulfillment.

Fragrance that Complements the Season

The wedding season plays a crucial role in selecting the type of fragrance one should go for. For summers, floral-y, fruity, and citrus-y fragrances would be ideal to blend with the sunny environment, and make you feel light and fresh.
Spring weddings call for more greens, and of course, mixed floral fragrances, while a winter wedding should have something more musky or sultry, but not overpowering.

Our Summer Picks

Bvlgari Omnia Coral is one of the perfect choices for summers. With ingredients such as bergamot, water lily, pink peppercorn, and hibiscus flower, it creates a cheerful, yet dignified sense of joy, making it ideal for the shy and blushing bride.
Nina by Nina Ricci has a coalescence of floral and fruitylicious scents. Essences of candied apple, lemon, vanilla, peony, and Moonflower are perfect to give the summer bride the much-coveted freshness and spontaneity she needs in the warm clime.
★ Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is made for summers with an intention to make the wearer feel fresh and sexy all throughout the summery day. An artistic blend of Sicilian cedar, apple, bluebell, along with floral fragrances of delicate white rose and jasmine, gives it the lightness it needs. The citron wood, musk, and amber makes it last longer.

Our Spring Picks

★ L'Eau de Chloé by Chloé is made from the freshness of natural rose water, rose petals, grapefruit, peach, and violet, and with the lively touch of cedarwood, patchouli, and amber, this fragrance is a classic choice for a spring wedding.
★ Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone captures the aura of spring with a fusion of bluebells, lily of the valley, white amber, cloves, musk, and eglantine.
★ Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo is a fragrance that makes one feel fresh, full of life, and stylish at the same time―pretty much like spring! Made from fresh pink pepper, jasmine, peony, and rose, fused with soft musky essence, woody patchouli, and pannacotta, this fragrance is for the ultra-feminine modern bride.

Our Winter Picks

Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum has a unique and mysterious fragrance, displaying style and luxury. The scent is strong, but not overpowering. A combination of unique ingredients including, exotic tiger orchid, Indonesian patchouli, and sweet toffee makes this fragrance stand out from the rest.
★ J'adore Eau de Parfum by Dior is for the confident, well-balanced, and glamorous winter bride. An immix of Ylang Ylang, Sambac jasmine, and Damask rose, this fragrance has become a legend in the true sense of the word.
★ Amarige by Givenchy efficaciously displays the playfulness, grace, and charm displayed by a bride on her wedding day. The flowery and fruity mix of fragrances including, neroli, orange, gardenia, mimosa, plums, and rosewood, spread the merriment of the unforgettable day of marriage.

A Perfume that Blends with the Theme

While our parents may have married in the traditional way, nowadays, couples are not afraid to experiment with amazing, even crazy, out-of-the-box wedding themes. Be it underwater weddings, or getting married in a hot air balloon, think of it, and there is someone who has been there and done that!
The theme of the wedding includes the venue, décor, bouquet. That brings forth an important point―if you're carrying a bridal bouquet with real flowers, make sure that the perfume goes well with it.

Our Picks

★ Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs would be perfect for a floral-themed wedding during spring or summer season. The freshness of pear, grapefruit, and raspberry, when fused with the cheery apple blossom, wild rose, and violet, with a tinge of plum, musk, and cedarwood, create a fragrance that blends, yet stands out.
★ Artemisia by Penhaligon's infuses the right amount of mystery, seduction, luxury, refinement, and softness that a bride needs on a romantic vintage-themed wedding. The mesmerizing concoction of green apples, violet, lily petals, cyclamen, honeyed vanilla, amber, musk, and some warm spices, make this perfume a great option.
★ Jaïpur Bracelet by Boucheron is perfect if you have an Indian-themed wedding, or if you wish to feel like a jeweled bride of a royal Indian city. It has a luxuriant feminine scent, made with violet leaves, petitgrain bigarade, verbena basil, carnation, hyacinth, cypress, cashmeran, and iris. These give it a feminine, yet woody fragrance.

Companion-Scents for Lifelong Companions

The last thing we want to do is to buy the same perfume, available for both men and women, or perhaps go for a unisex perfume. As true perfume lovers, we know that every individual has a unique preference. 
You can't expect a floral-scent lover to wear a musky scent just because it is her partner's preference. Like you two complement one another, your fragrances should complement each other, as well. When two completely different fragrances are in the same horizon, they can either be alluring or repelling.

Advice to Choose 'Your' Couple Scent

We suggest you go shopping with your would-be to avoid the clash of the scents.

Do not spritz the tester on a paper strip, but apply it directly on your skin to see how the scent blends with it.

Don't try more than 3 to 4 fragrances at one go. Carry coffee beans and sniff them occasionally, to clear up your nose.
Every perfume has top, middle, and bottom notes. While some may smell very strong initially; however, after settling on your skin, they can emit a wonderfully enchanting fragrance, as is the case with Dune by Dior. Wait for about an hour or so after application, to sense the true affect of the scent on your skin.

A Fragrance that Defines You

Your choice of perfume would silently convey a lot about your personality. One huge mistake that people make, is to go for fragrances that are popular, but ask yourself, do you feel like yourself in it? Spending so much of money on expensive brands is worthless if it doesn't complement your skin, taste, and personality.
A shy bride wearing a musky scent wouldn't be a good pairing. If your past perfumes have had similar ingredients―rose, cherry blossom, sandalwood, etc.―stick to these ingredients to be on the safer side. Look for a fragrance that enhances your scent, and not overpowers it.

Scent for Your Type

★ Floral fragrances are ideal for shy, sensitive, romantic, and sweet brides.

Floral fragrances with bottom notes of vanilla, amber, wood, or musk are ideal for the 'sweet-yet-naughty' brides.
Fresh citrus-y fragrances are ideal for the free-spirited, confident, and down-to-earth brides. A gentle touch of floral notes and the right amount of fruity sweetness, along with white musk would best define your demeanor.
★ Strong and spicy fragrances are ideal for the vibrant, sexy, and flirtatious brides. Essence of vanilla, chocolate, musk, cloves, and cinnamon with the right amount of rose or jasmine will make the bride feel sensual all the time. Make sure the scent isn't an overpowering one.

A Long-Lasting Perfume

To give exact names of perfumes that will surely last all throughout the day, is a tricky game indeed! We have had varied results. While a fragrance did stay long enough, till the evening, on one person, we could hardly smell it on another after a few hours elapsed.
So, yes, different fragrances would respond differently on different individuals. Nonetheless, there are ways through which you can make the perfume last all day on you. These are mentioned as follows.

Ways to Make a Scent Last Long

★ Buy fragrances that come with bubble bath and body lotionthese blend with the skin and build up fragrant layers on it, thereby enabling the scent to last all day long.
Apply the perfume on pulse points of the body―behind the ear, wrist, and at the base of your neck. These areas are closer to the blood vessels of your body, and tend to emit more heat, thus accentuating the fragrance worn.

A small vial―keep it with you at all times and apply it at regular intervals to feel special all the time.
You may come across many fragrances throughout your lifetime, but there are some you never forget―mum/dad's scent, your first scent, and your wedding scent. The bottom line is: Choose a scent that makes you feel more relaxed, confident, sexy, and the ruler of the world!

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Disclaimer: Different fragrances have varied effects on different individuals. You must try the scent before purchasing it, to see how it blends with your skin and olfactory senses.