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How to Choose a Wedding Ring for Men

Cheryl Mascarenhas
It goes without saying that you have to take into consideration his personal style, preferences, and most importantly, his comfort level while choosing the ring. Take a look at the pointers outlined here to acquaint yourself with the essentials.
Engrave His Band with
Eternally yours,
I will always love you,
For I'd found love, or
My fated soulmate,
... to make him feel more special.
A symbol of love and togetherness, a band becomes a silent witness to the wedding day. Also considered to be a sign of eternity and the gate to an unknown future, the ring or the wedding band has surely made its presence felt. Whether you decide to choose a trendy or timeless piece, a wedding band has to match up to your lifestyle and personality as well as to personal taste and preferences.

Creating a Style

Before you get anywhere near deciding the material for the ring, it would be good if you decide on the style statement you want to make.
While classic wedding bands are the most favored choice, you can choose between that and modern varieties which will complement the ring of the bride. While making a choice, remember that you will be sporting your ring daily, which means no matter what style you choose, it should make you comfortable to carry out your daily chores.

Metal Preferences

The wide range of metal choices for wedding rings include gold, silver, tungsten, platinum, and titanium.
When it comes to deciding on a ring for a wedding, the most sought-after option that comes to mind is a gold band.
The most popular styles include white, rose, and yellow gold bands. Gold being soft and malleable can be easily engraved. If practicality is your key concern, opt for lower karat gold bands as they are alloyed with stronger metals to make them durable.
One of the most rare and valuable metals, platinum is increasingly becoming a popular choice for wedding bands.
It is hypoallergenic and preferred for its high-gloss appearance; however, like gold, it is malleable and prone to scratches. Platinum bands are purer, heavier, stronger, and more prestigious than any other wedding band.
When it comes to affordability, wedding bands set in silver top the list.
Highly reflective once polished, sterling silver bands are the most economical choice you have in hand. Opt for a rhodium-plated sterling silver ring to protect it from tarnishing; however, remember that you would have to polish the band on a regular basis as silver is prone to tarnishing and scratches.
Titanium, being an industrial metal, is strong and durable, rendering it suitable for long-lasting wedding bands.
It is hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Titanium rings are distinguished with its relatively darker hue and surprising lighter weight, thus, making it an ideal choice for men who aren't used to sporting jewelry.


Tungsten bands are hard and scratch-resistant; besides, they are not malleable like gold, silver, or platinum, thus, being an ideal choice. They are hypoallergenic and heavier in comparison to other metals; however, they are brittle and prone to breaking if accidentally dropped or knocked on a hard surface.


Stainless steel wedding bands are strong, durable, hypoallergenic, resistant to scratches, and lighter on the pocket, making it the perfect choice for budget weddings. It is also 100% recyclable and needs just a quick wipe with a soft cloth to reveal its shiny frame.


Ceramic rings have a flossy finish; besides, they are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and scratch-resistant. These rings are hard, making them brittle and prone to shattering on contact with hard surfaces at high impact. However, they are cost-effective and durable even though they cannot be resized like the softer metals.

Frame Profile

Wedding bands come in a variety of frame shapes. They can be rounded inside out so as to make them sit comfortably on the finger, or they could be flat on the inside and rounded on the outer side to provide a comfortable shape.
Then there are the flat varieties which make the ring look chunkier than their counterparts. You will also come across rings with a halo profile, which when held, seem perfectly round, and the concave profile lends a fresh dimension to the shape of the ring.


Once you have decided on the material and profile of the ring, you should consider the detailing. While most men prefer "no bling" rings, there are some who can carry a few stones well. A tiny single stone set in the ring is definitely worth the attention it garners.
Wedding rings need not be jazzy; however, you could opt for an engraved ring that is simple and classy. Another option is to choose a matching patterned ring for the two of you, which will make it unique and reflect your love for each other. You can choose from semi-precious stones and diamonds that are set in a plethora of styles.


What kind of finish do you prefer? You can choose a highly reflective finish like a mirror or a fine matt finish, giving you a misty-looking ring. You can also opt for textured, hammered, or embellished rings, or those with a Stardust finish to make his ring stand out. Another option worth considering is milgrain- or beveled-edge rings that make quite a style statement.


Generally, the band for a man is slightly thicker compared to the one chosen for women. However, the band width depends largely on your man's comfort level and preference. The most popular width for men's wedding bands rests at 6 mm; however, you will find bands that range from 2 mm to the bulky 10 mm. It is imperative to invest in one that will suit the hand of the wearer.


Last but not the least, do not forget to buy a ring that will fit snugly. You do not want to end up with a size too big or too small, making it uncomfortable for the wearer. Ensure you take perfect measurements when purchasing as well as trying on rings to know the size that fits you best.
Buying wedding rings is no easy task; however, it can be made interesting by shopping together and paying attention to details. To be on the safe side, purchase your rings well in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments owing to hurried purchases.