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How to Choose a Wedding Tiara

Sujata Iyer
Choosing a wedding tiara can be a fun experience. Something that you would prefer doing alone, without ten people breathing down your neck giving you countless opinions and suggestions. This article shows you how you can pick the right tiara without it culminating in World War 3.
"Never buy a tiara because it looks right on a model, unless your face and hairstyle matches the model. Buying several tiaras to try on and returning all but one is a very expensive and time-consuming way to find the right tiara."

― Princess Bride Tiaras, LLC on buying tiaras online
Wedding dress – check. Jewelry – check. Shoes – check. Hairstyle – check. Makeup – check. Headpiece – uh oh! OK, you might not really forget to count a tiara into your wedding wardrobe, but chances are you're stalling this purchase for a really good reason; you have no idea what goes into buying one. 
Relax. It's not the end of the world. Understanding how to pick the perfect tiara for your big day is so easy, you're gonna wonder why you've been putting it off for so long. We share with you a very practical guide on deciding what kind of tiara you should wear on your wedding day.
But before that, it would be wise to get the technicalities out of the way. Let's have a peek into the different types of tiaras there are so that you can have a side-by-side look at the style and the factors that picking a style depend upon.

Your Options Are

The Double Headband

Just a big sister of the headband-style tiara, a double headband, as you see can see, is a double-banded tiara which has much more width than a headband and can be just as easy to put on.
The Traditional Tiara
These princess-crown-style tiaras are probably the most popular ones on the wedding headpieces' circuit. They're the most versatile type of tiara as they can be worn with almost any kind of dress: a sheath dress, a ball gown, or even something that has a fluffy horsehair trim.

The Headband

As you can see, and as the name suggests, a headband-style tiara is worn exactly like a headband. It works wonders for brides who want to leave their hair down loose, and especially so for brides who have short hair and can't be bothered with an elaborate hairstyle.

The Bun Ring

An absolute favorite among brides who're planning elaborate updos, the bun ring is a practical and convenient way to adorn your hair, have something to hold on to a veil (if any), and look fabulous at the same time.

What You Should Take into Account

What comes first? The dress or the tiara?

Here's the one rule that no bride-to-be should ever forget. First comes the dress, then the tiara. Why? Picture this: you set your eyes on this gorgeous tiara. It calls out to with all its glimmer and shine, and you simply cannot resist how very pretty you look when you try it on … in your jeans and shirt (however fancy it may be). 
Now, when you finally find the dress of your dreams, you realize that the tiara isn't really meshing with it. Then begins the almost never-ending ordeal of returning the tiara (which you already Instragammed! Sheesh!) and finding one that goes with the dress.
If you're thinking, "Well, I buy accessories I love when I see them and then a dress to go with them whenever I find it, what's the difference?". The difference is that this is your wedding day. And you want to look perfect. You want the attention to be on you, not on a grossly mismatched tiara.

What does the dress look like?

Take a cue from the style of your wedding dress. If it's an elaborately embellished dress, use these embellishments as inspiration. If it's rhinestones on your dress, make it rhinestones on the tiara. If it's a pearl- or bead-ornamented dress, pick a tiara that has the same. If it's a modern dress with simple and straight cuts, your tiara can be a simplistic one too.

What is the color of the dress?

The color of your dress will also play a role in finalizing the tiara. Expert tiara makers suggest the following combinations based on the color of your dress.
  • White dress: Pick a silver-toned tiara. You can keep it plain if your dress is simple, or you can pick one which has white-toned embellishments like crystals, rhinestones, etc.
  • Ivory dress: A gold-toned tiara with ivory or pearl ornamentation will work well to enhance the white-but-not-really-so tone of your dress.

What type of jewelry will you wear?

The type of jewelry you will wear will obviously depend on the type of dress you will wear. And your tiara being one itself, will depend on the other accessories for inspiration.
If you're planning to wear really elaborate danglers, tone down the bling with a simple, yet elegant tiara, and vice versa. At no point should your tiara take more attention than your pretty face. So, make sure you strike an adequate balance between all aspects of your attire.

The Shape of Your Face

The shape of your face is the second most important factor that determines the kind of tiara that will most flatter you. The image given below will help you understand the type of tiara you should pick for your face shape.
  • If you have an oval face: You can pick a tiara that stops shy of being a full-fledged V-pointed one. See that it has a very slight rise and fall, to ensure that your face does not look more oval than it is.
  • If you have a round face: Let the tiara take away from the fullness of your face. Choose a piece that has a bit of height. Ones that end with a V at the top are your best option.
  • If you have a long face: You can let the focus stay on your face by picking a tiara that isn't tall at all. More suited to you would be a headband-style tiara that is even in height throughout.

Your hair

Your hair too can become a deciding point when it comes to the tiara. Here are some pointers that might help.


The color of your hair, believe it or not, does, to a certain extent, dictate what kind of tiara will look best. Avoid clashing tones, and go for contrast. For instance, if you have blond hair, avoid a gold-toned tiara unless you're sure that's the way you want to go. Dark-haired women have a better chance of pulling off a gold-toned tiara. Silver-toned tiaras work well for any color, so when in doubt, pick silver.

Length and hairstyle

How long is your hair? Is it really short? Go for a headband. Is it shoulder-length and are you planning to leave it down? Pick a headband or a double headband. Women who intend to tie their mid-length hair in a half updo can go trad with a classic tiara, and those who intend to have an elaborate (or simple) updo can use a bun ring to secure it in place.
If you haven't yet decided on your hairstyle, ask your hairstylist for an opinion. Take her along with you if you must. But always envision yourself in your wedding day hairstyle, not in the high ponytail you'll probably be in when you go shopping.
While having a fixed budget does play an important role in choosing the right tiara, it's not as important as the aforementioned factors. What with the numerous online resources you have today, you can sift through a never-ending variety of styles and designs and finalize one.
But remember to keep your wedding dress in mind when you do so to avoid the hassle of returns and exchanges. As always, compare styles and prices from different vendors (online or offline) before you make a purchase.