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How to Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet?

Maya Pillai
There are many bridal bouquet designs that could be easily made by a bride-to-be. You could use various combinations and types of flowers to make your own bridal bouquet. Here's how.
Your wedding is the most unforgettable moment of your life. Designing your own bouquet would be a wonderful idea.
Personalize your wedding by making the bouquet. Put your imagination and creativity to work for making it. To make one, either use real or silk flowers. Bridal bouquets made of silk flowers last longer and remind you of the happiest occasion of your life each time you look at it. If stored properly it could be a heirloom handed down to the next generation.

Three Things to Remember


Always remember, a bridal bouquet need not share the same color theme as that of your wedding palette. However, choose a color that blends well with the entire color theme. Design a bouquet that describes who you are as a person.
For instance, if you are an extrovert who loves excitement, choose bright colors. However, if you are a serene, cool person, choose soft and soothing colors.

Choice of Flowers

The choice of flowers would display your personality style. For instance, if you are romantic person, try making a bouquet using deep red roses.
To make a big budget bridal bouquet, use real flowers. Else, silk ones could be used. They would be less expensive.


You need to be sure about the designs of your bouquet. Before starting on the project, do a bit of research. You could flip through various magazines, and also check the various sites on the Internet. You could also visit a few florists to get an idea.
A few of the popular designs include cascading, round, monogram ones, and so on.
An upcoming trend and a design that is in vogue is the 'breakaway bridal bouquet'. In this type, the bride carries a combination of three bouquets tied together to the altar. After the wedding, she would toss one of the three, gift one to her close friend, and one she keeps for herself.

How to Make

Once you have decided on the color theme, flowers, and the design, start the project of making your own bridal bouquet. If you are using real flowers, place the order with your florists well in advance. Ask him for extra greenery and filler flowers.
The materials required to make one are:
  • Flowers of your choice (fresh/artificial) and greenery
  • Pearl sprays
  • 2-inch wide silk ribbon
  • Tulle ribbon
  • Bouquet holder
  • Lace trims
  • A pair of scissors
  • A bowl of cold water
  • A bouquet holder made of white plastic is cone-shaped with a handle. The floral foam is already inserted into the cone.
  • Dip the holder upside down in a large bowl of water. This would saturate the floral foam. Remove the same from the water and dry the exterior.
  • Place it in a large vase to hold the bouquet in place while arranging the flowers.
  • Begin filling the flowers from the bottom of the holder and work the way up. Decide how much stem you want above the floral foam.
  • Once you have decided the length of stems, cut each stem at a sharp angle before inserting into the foam. However, if you feel the length of the stem is more at a certain spot, do not hesitate to cut it again before inserting it.
  • For a cascading bouquet, insert various lengths of greenery like fern or ivy at the bottom of the holder. To give a symmetrical look, trim the edges neatly.
  • Once the floral arrangement is complete, tie a satin ribbon on the handle of the holder. Add a couple of pearl spray. Remember the length of the bouquet. Ideally, it should not exceed 10 - 15 inches.
  • Making your own bridal bouquet is fun. However, remember to make one that is easy to hold. The flowers (if real ones are used) need to remain fresh till the end of the ceremony.
So, all set to make your very own bridal bouquet? We hope this write-up helps you for the same. Good Luck!