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Men's Beach Wedding Attire

Tulika Nair
You are having your dream wedding at the beach, but you are unsure of what the perfect attire would be? Since you are the groom, you have to be sure of what to wear. This article helps you with this conundrum.
Everyone wants their dream wedding. One that they have always imagined in their head, a wedding that would be unique and beautiful and would have everyone talking about it. For many of my acquaintances, a beach wedding has always been the most fascinating and unique way of celebrating wedded bliss.
A beach wedding is almost always gorgeous, especially because of the beautiful setting. But what can be confusing for most people is the perfect beach wedding clothes.
For women, there is a lot that has been said about the subject but deciding on the perfect attire for men is a task that can be definitely confusing. In this article, we tell you how you can pick out your attire for a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Attire for the Groom

Unlike regular weddings, beach weddings call for comfortable attire and also clothing that does not get rumpled very easily. Also, if the wedding has some sort of a theme, then you will need to stick to that while choosing your clothes. What you wear will completely depend on how formal or casual the event is
  • If you are having a very informal wedding with just family and close friends, then you can opt for casual clothes for the wedding. If your bride is okay with a Hawaiian theme, then opt for white drawstring linen pants and a casual Hawaiian shirt. You could probably add a leis around your neck to add to the feel.
  • If you are looking for a something a little more formal but still casual, then opt for a khaki pants and a white collared shirt, left open. Ensure that the shirt is crisp. Roll up your sleeves and wear a pair of deck shoes with the outfit.
  • Another option that you definitely cannot go wrong with is wearing a white linen shirt with dark trousers. Do not opt for a tie though. You are aiming for a smart casual look.
  • If your bride has decided on a more formal setting for your wedding, then opt to wear a pair of cream trousers with a crisp white shirt and maybe a tie. Opt for a slightly understated tie that helps you achieve that elegant look.
  • If you are insistent of wearing a suit, then wear a linen suit in a light color with a pastel colored shirt. This could be a great look for a formal wedding in the daytime.
If your bride is wearing a ball gown as a wedding dress, then you may have to wear a tux. While a tuxedo is a bit of an overkill at a beach wedding, it completely depends on the setting that you have decided on.

Beach Wedding Attire for Male Guests

Dressing for a beach wedding for men can be slightly tricky. But more often than not your invite should be able to provide you with a clue regarding what to wear. If there is no mention of a dress code, then you could probably call up the couple getting married to ask, what the expected attire is.

  • For a very formal wedding, you can opt to don a pair of lightweight trousers with a crisp pastel colored shirt. Do not wear a full suit or a tie unless this has been specified. You can carry a sports coat if you want to dress up the look further.
  • Another option that you can try out if suits have been specified is a linen suit. This will ensure that you remain cool in the torturous weather and at the same time, you look amazing.
  • Guayabera white shirts are acceptable at most beach themed weddings as are Hawaiian shirts, but it may be a good idea to check with the hosts first. If you are wearing these, then team them up with sandals or boat shoes.
  • Avoid wearing jeans, cutoffs, or cargo shorts to a wedding, even if the setting is the beach. It is definitely not in good taste and will be frowned upon. Also, do not attend the wedding wearing a baseball cap.
Beach weddings can be a lot of fun. But proper outfits are important. Once you know what the proper dress code is, you will have no problem being dressed as expected.