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Micro Braid Hairstyles for Weddings

Stephen Rampur
Long or short micro braids add a different look to the bride's or the groom's appearance. Here's how you can get these molded into hairstyles for weddings.
Today, many people besides African-Americans choose micro braids. This is a good way to sport a different look from the typical hairstyles. Micro braids, or invisible braids, are extremely small braids laced from the scalp to a specific point, and left unlaced at the ends.
Hair extensions are generally needed to extend the hair while plaiting to the desired length. These hairdos can differ in size and length, and can be fashioned in several different manners to correspond with a person's individual style.
You can blend these hairdos with other kinds of plaits, or design them into geometric shapes. Wearing such hairstyles for weddings is common in African-American community, but is now a universal trend.
If you want your hair to be micro braided, it would normally require 4-10 hours, depending on how many individuals are involved in doing the braiding. If there are two individuals carrying out the procedure continually, the entire process may take 4-6 hours to complete, according to the size of the plaits.
The smaller the braids, more time the process will consume. Before getting the braiding procedure started, see to it that your hair is clean and healthy. It is better to wash your hair thoroughly, and condition it prior to plaiting.
There is an increased possibility of longer hair to break easily than shorter hair, when interlaced. It is recommended to use human hair for the extensions. This type of hair can easily be colored, curled using a curling iron, and is really manageable.

Versatility of Micro Braids

The best part about these hairstyles, in addition to it being maintenance free, is versatility. A myriad of styles and options can be used along with them.
● A very popular hairdo is to wear a long and sleek appearance. It typically focuses on the middle or side part of the hair which may or may not include extensions or weaves. This hairdo is good for women who might prefer to pull back their plaits into a ponytail, or experiment with one of the many other updos.
Thus, long, thin micro braids are a great way to keep your hair in control and allow other haircut alternatives to blend in.
● If you choose even longer ones, you can consider rolling them into curls, or doing other curly hairstyles. This is probably the best method to use the plaits, and make them into something unique and creative. Micro braid hairdos, on brides, really add a variance to the wedding atmosphere.
● Another cool alternative is a slight variation from micro braids. Men can get these combined with cornrows, wherein the thin plaits are kept as near to the scalp as possible. This makes the plaits not only thinner and flat on the head, but also shorter.
This is a nice hairdo for one who needs a classic appearance, but does not want to worry about the basic maintenance of hair. Cornrows can be plaited right back into rows or into one of the various formats or designs. For getting this hairstyle done, you might have to sit on the chair for several hours.
However, it is worth it, as this hairdo lasts for many weeks. Simple cornrows can be considered one of the best African-American wedding hairstyles.
Micro braid hairstyles for weddings can also be combined with other haircuts to get a better hairstyle. They can be blended with ponytails, buns, and styles which require actual braiding of the micro braids themselves.