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Mother of the Bride Gowns

Sujata Iyer
There can be no argument that the mother of the bride looks almost as stunning as her daughter on the special day. What goes into getting that perfect look? The perfect gown! Let's see some styles in which you can dabble.
Watching your daughter get married is one of the best moments you'll experience. And looking your best on your daughter's wedding day is a right you cannot forfeit. And just because you're the mother of the bride, does not mean you have to look like an old fragile woman! Hold your head up high, and dress yourself in a fabulous gown for the special day.
You have a wide range of patterns, fits and styles to choose from. A few of them are mentioned here. So, have a glimpse of some gowns, and then you can make up your mind about what to wear. First, check out the pictures of the different styles you can try out and then look at some other ideas mentioned below too.

Summer Gowns

If your daughter is having a summer wedding, then you can experiment with different styles in gowns. Choose a light-weight fabric, but not one that appears drab and dull.
Just make sure it can breathe well, because you don't want to be seen with those ugly sweat patches! As far as colors are concerned, choose a pastel shade for an evening ceremony, or a brighter shade for a morning ceremony. In pastels, you can choose beige, cream, pistachio green, and the like.
For a daytime wedding, you have colors like deep purple or deep red to choose from. They look stunning in the morning sun. Strappy, sleeveless, short sleeves, are some of the sleeve options you can consider, since it's a summer wedding. Check online stores for some great deals on gowns, that look great and fit your budget too!

Winter Gowns

In winter, the best option is to wear a full length gown. It looks great, plus it keeps you warm in the biting cold. Try on a gown with a matching jacket to keep you comfortable during a cold winter wedding. Silk gown with lovely crystal or bead work on them are a great option.
And if you're planning to splurge on a designer gown, then hop into the countless boutiques that will offer you a wide range of gorgeous vintage gowns to select from. Simple colors like deep blue, gray or some other steely shades go well with the winter air.
If you're not going for a gown with a jacket, you can either have medium length sleeves, or full sleeves in a net fabric, or the same fabric as the gown. If it is short sleeves that you've chosen, then slip on a pair of elegant gloves that will serve two purposes. They'll help you look stunning, and keep your hands warm as well.

Spring Gowns

Spring is the season of colors, flowers, butterflies, bees, grass, fragrances, and all the good things in life. No wonder your daughter will want to get married when nature is brimming with bounty. And to look as pretty as the flowers on her wedding day, you need a great gown. Match your gown with nature, and choose a color accordingly.
A dark red, or even an orange gown in light chiffon, if you can pull it off. Else, go for a gown that matches the wedding theme colors. Try a dual colored gown in a combination of colors like red and black (not something too vampirish though), or white and blue, with the bodice in one color and the skirt in the other color.
Remember, gown that a mother wears to her daughter's wedding is a reflection of the mother's as well as the daughter's personality. So, dress elegantly, look smart and give your daughter away in style!