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Quirky Decor Additions for Your Wedding

Sujata Iyer
Strange, unconventional, freakish, kinky, wacky, bizarre, odd: the adjectives that no one expects wedding décor to be. We show you how untrue that can be. And we show it to you in style!
Wanna make your wedding the talk of the town? Hire a celebrity look-alike to come and mingle with the guests and watch their bungled reactions!
There are brides who want their wedding to be remembered for the simplistic beauty of it, and there are those who want it to be remembered as the classiest one anyone was ever invited to. There are some who want their weddings to be private, low-key affairs, and there are those who want to use their wedding to give extravagance a whole new meaning.
What if we tell you that you can have the best of all of these worlds? What if we tell you that by introducing a reasonable level of eclecticism and kitsch in your wedding décor, you can have a wedding that people will never forget, even if they tried?

Break Free!

Sometimes, all a wedding needs is bits and pieces of oddity scattered about to render it a flavor that is a blend of love and randomness. Before you get worked up, we don't mean your wedding décor has to be a medley of offbeat flea market finds that stick out like a sore thumb.
There is an art involved in making something whimsical seem like the cornerstone of the entire setup. And while this level of finesse might not be required on all occasions, we share with you some ideas for quirky additions that you can make to your wedding décor.
Prepare your guests for the waterworks as they enter with a sweet sign.

Grungy Signs

Nothing spells charm like a grungy sign welcoming guests into a wedding made of dreams.

Warm Welcome

Here's another charming idea for a welcome sign.

Burlap Magic

Gorgeous burlap tags with your initials strung together on a table liner will look just perfect!

Wicker Wonder

Wicker hearts are a great way to fancy up your table number cards!

Funky Posters

For a wedding in the woods, grunge up some posters and stick or pin them on trees all around!

Neon Signage

For an evening wedding, use neon signs to guide your guests.

Bottles or Candle Holders?

Have mismatched, colored bottles hanging from trees with tea light or pillar candles in them!

The Card Holder

Refurbish an old trunk or distress a new one to make a rustic card holder out of it.

Restyled Stepladder

A spray-painted stepladder with gardening accessories make for a great offbeat décor addition.

Penny-farthing as Plant Holder

Use this (really) big brother of the modern bicycles as a plant holder.

Cool Chairs for Him and Her

Get super-cushioned chairs for yourselves at the reception table.

Heart-shaped Stuff

Nothing brings in more love than random heart-shaped stuff.

Coffee and candle

Wow your guests with the aroma of the coffee beans spread around by the heat of candles.

Birdcage Candle Holder

For an evening wedding, transform a huge birdcage into a candle holder!

Sparkling Dessert

Serve your guests sweet surprises. Tuck in a mini sparkler with every portion of dessert!

Maritime Table Number

For a beach wedding or a marine theme wedding, this little setup works great for table number display.

Flowers and Hearts

What's a wedding without flowers and hearts, eh?


Frame caricatures of the two of you, and hang them all around!

Chalkboard Menu

Welcome your guests into the dining area with a cute chalkboard menu, restaurant-style!

Cinema Calling

Make the reception tables happening with these movie-themed cards!

Heart Locker

Have guests make a wish for you, lock it in these adorable heart-shaped locks, and throw away the keys.

Mini Birdcages

We love these miniature Arabic-style birdcages!

Big Crazy Love

Have over-sized letters spelling out any word of your choice in keeping with the theme of the wedding.

Retro and Rocking!

These old suitcases are just too pretty to be left out!

Distressed Joy

Distress planks of wood. Stick letter stencils on them. Paint over. From tragic to magic in minutes!

Memory Board

Have a board where guests can pin up pics that they click at your wedding.

Simple and Sweet

Nothing fancy about a string of cards spelling out your love. But man aren't they cute?

Vintage Typewriter

Get your hands on a vintage typewriter for your guests to type out wedding wishes as they leave.

Notes of Love

Leave a distressed notepad at the exit for wishes.

Engraved Pebbles

Have a short quote engraved on pebbles, and scatter them all around for your guests to pick up.

Burlap's the Word

Little burlap bags for the guest with handmade chocolates in it. A Wedding doesn't get prettier than this, does it?

Give Back

Keep collection bottles at random spots. Whatever money you collect, donate it to a charity.

See You Later!

JFF, do something crazy with a suitcase and balloons, like this!

License Plate Fun

We simply could not not include this adorable license plate idea!

Getaway Vehicle

Leave your wedding reception in style.
There's so much more that can be done to up the quirk factor in a wedding. Mind you, just because you want to make your wedding unique in its décor, it does not in any way mean that you should compromise with its aesthetics. Always, always, and this cannot be stressed enough, always ensure that the eclectic elements you add complement, if not blend in with, the rest of the décor.