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Tips for Selecting Maid of Honor Dresses

Stephen Rampur
Nowadays, a dress for the bridesmaid comes in a variety of styles and designs. Here are some tips for selecting maid of honor dresses.
A bridesmaid certainly adds up to the charm of a wedding, especially with her appearance. After the bride, she is the cynosure of all eyes. So, it is extremely essential for her to be dressed in the best possible manner. So, it wouldn't do any harm if you are a little creative while selecting clothes for her.

Did you know?

According to ancient tradition, the bride and maid of honor wore a similar apparel.This was simply done to not let the evil spirits know who the real bride was. This is because their intention was to harm the bride. So, the maid of honor would dress up exactly the same as the bride and she would then take the bride safely to the wedding venue.
However, nowadays, looking at the dresses of both the bride and maid of honor, it is clear that both have their own separate identities. Even though their dresses have to be different, the bridesmaid's dress should have a color complementing with that of the bride's.

Designer Maid of Honor Dresses

Traditional marriage norms have undergone a drastic change and evolved over a period of time. Now, there is an increased flexibility in all aspects of modern weddings, including the maid of honor dresses.
While the dress should be at par with the fashion trends, season, atmosphere, and theme of the wedding, there are an incredible array of options when it comes to defining this dress.
Contemporary designer bridesmaids dresses generally include formal gowns, semi-formal dresses, two-piece dresses, casual dresses, custom-made dresses, and off-the-shelf dress styles.
Usually, a bride is supposed to suggest and finalize the maid of honor dress. She can opt for a variety of styles and patterns. She can choose a dress having a different style but which has the same color of her dress.
Else, she can opt for a similar style but a different color. She also has a third alternative of choosing the one which has a different style and color but is in sync with the wedding theme.
In certain weddings, the bride may prefer to have more than one bridesmaid and a matron of honor. In such situations, the bride can select a similar dress for the bridesmaids as well as the matron of honor or even have them wear different dresses.

Selecting this Dress

When it comes to choosing these dresses, you need to remember that this task can be a bit difficult, as there can be so many options and suggestions.
However, bearing some points in mind can help brides choose the appropriate dress style.
  • The brides needs to keep in mind the size needs, like petite or plus-size dresses. Selecting an appropriate dress would make the bridesmaid feel great and comfortable during the wedding.
  • It is better to ensure if dresses with sleeves is what would be suitable.
  • The price is also a significant factor. If your budget is not too high, choose dresses which are inexpensive yet stylish and attractive. 
  • Nowadays, there are a plethora of choices available in local dress stores and also on online apparel stores. Select a dress which is worthy of a compliment but does not compete with the bride's wedding gown. 
By considering these few points, choosing maid of honor dresses for weddings would not be a difficult task for you. However, ensure that this dress does not steal the limelight from the bride's ensemble.