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Tips to Plan a Carnival-themed Wedding

Mukta Gaikwad
A thematic wedding can be frugal, simple, and above all, entertaining. So, if you are planning a carnival-themed wedding, here are a few pointers to keep in mind to make it a memorable event.
To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.
Robert Brault
A wedding is more of a party, than the attention it seeks for being an important ritual. So, why be so formal about it? If it is supposed to be a party, then it is supposed to be full of fun and frolic. Hosting a carnival-themed wedding is the perfect way of adding this dash of energy.
It is a great way of reducing your expenses of a conventional wedding ceremony, and saving up for a grand honeymoon, or for setting up your new home.
Planning a carnival-themed wedding is, in some ways, simpler than planning a regular wedding. The theme largely decides the things you will need, the decorations for the venue, items, people to be hired, and most importantly, the menu gets a lot more frugal. A thematic approach as such will prove to be a huge cost saver too.
The effects of a thematic wedding must extend to its every aspect. And your wedding invites are no exception. Ditch the conventional invites, and think a little out of the box.
Wedding Invites
Remember how carnivals were announced in the good old times with posters? Well, that is your answer! Print posters instead of invitation cards to announce your wedding ceremony to near and dear ones. This will set the mood much in advance.
Decorations can make the theme come alive. These interesting details add to the festivities and the celebrations.
Wedding Decor
Set up a carnival tent, use a lot of balloons, replace flower centerpieces with candies, use colorful bunting, and keep the decor as casual as possible so that the place seems carnivalesque.
Entertainment is synonymous with carnival. Also, the very basis of a memorable time at weddings is how entertaining it turns out to be.
So, bring out the carnival theme at your wedding with the iconic clowns, a mysterious crystal ball reader, the dreamy carousel, and let's not forget, the vintage cotton candy machine, to charge up your guests.
We often see the soon-to-be bride and groom fighting over menu plans. A carnival-themed wedding party saves you this trouble. With limited options like popcorn, cupcakes, colorful Popsicle, and quick snacks, there is hardly much to argue about.
Wedding favors are a way of showing your gratitude to all those who have made your day so special. Giving away these keepsakes also makes your guests cherish your special day for some time to come.
A jar full of candies, gift-wrapped macaroons, and soft toys that are usually won at the carnival games, are some of the favors that can add to the wedding theme.
Get a little creative with your signage too. Pull out the blackboard from your attic, and put it up as a signboard in your garden.
The chalk calligraphy that we practiced way back in school will come in handy now. Get as decorative as possible with your wedding signage, instead of printing the regular ones.
A lot of people spend their life's earning on hosting a grand wedding party. A lot is spent and a lot is given away, with things expected in return. But, what we forget in the midst of this ride is that a party is not the wedding. It is a mere start.
A sort of a valedictorian event to mark an exit of your bachelorhood, and an entry into a bigger scheme of things. Thus, planning a carnival-themed wedding party, can be a perfect way to embark on your new adventure. Not only is it a cost-effective option, but also a fun-filled one. And above all, it is the true symbolic representation of what lies ahead!