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How to Give a Toast Speech

Medha Godbole
To give a toast speech, is to speak in honor of the couple at their wedding. A wedding toast should be to the point, catchy, and have a personal touch. Look for some more tips like this in the story presented.
Wedding toast is in honor of the couple getting married. So, nothing you say should embarrass them. Of course, it also depends on what you say and how you say it. The speech should be jovial and lighthearted. Another thing to remember is to make it short and sweet and not drag it on.
For that, you would have to create a rough outline of the speech, and needless to say, the basic premise will be love and friendship. Practice a day or two before you need to give the speech. If you are not used to giving toasts or have never done it at all, avoid being experimental.
To prevent any glitches, write it down and keep it in your hand, just in case, you forget or miss a point here or there. This was the build up to the d-day. Now we come to the part which tells you how exactly should a toast be given.

How Should You Do It

  • At the venue, grab a prominent place, a place where you would be seen by everyone present.
  • Do not forget to have a glass in your hand (can you think of a toast without a champagne glass?!), and make sure that you hold the glass at waist level.
  • Before you go on to speak about the bride and the groom, introduce yourself and how are you related to either of them. Then start off with, "I would like to propose a toast".
  • Cash in on your strengths. If you have a funny bone, you can opt for a funny speech, and add some witty and humorous quotes to it. This would help liven up the place and make an otherwise sad, sentimental, and touchy environment, lighter and happier.
  • But please, do not go on blabbering jokes all through the speech. Keep it funny, yet let it have that simple touch of sentiments and heartfelt emotions.
  • If you cannot do that, keep it simple and straight. Be personal and genuine and wish the couple the best with all your heart.
  • Look at those in whose honor you are speaking, every now and then.
  • A good idea is to start with an anecdote or an incident or a memory that involves you and the bride or the groom.
  • End the speech on a high and a hopeful note, wishing the bride and the groom a happily married ever after life! Of course, you would need to lift your glass and say "To.." followed by the name of the bride and the groom.
I am sure, once you start speaking, you would get over the initial jitters and rock it through to the end. Still there are some dos and don'ts and toast etiquette that needs to be followed.

More Tips

  • Never ever give a toast speech if you are drunk or high.
  • Keep it under 5 minutes, let it be short, but full of impact.
  • Maintain your complete focus on the bride and the groom.
  • Let your genuineness and warmth reflect through your words and expressions. Congratulate them with all your heart.
  • Be confident and speak clearly and loudly.
  • Do not cough up about the bride and the groom's past relationships, it does not augur well in front of the guests.
Eventually, all you need is good wishes towards the couple and you will be just fine!