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Unique Wedding Bands

Khushnuma Irani
If you are ready to get married, the next logical step is to get a wedding band. However, this isn't as simple as it used to be, since the jewelry market is flooded with a multitude of innovative wedding bands that could be personalized according to your preferences.
Times have changed, and men and women have become more independent and liberal. They can choose their wedding partners at their own discretion. The couple then, expresses love and devotion towards each other by exchanging a wedding band.
Emotions and sentiments play a significant role while selecting these bands. Couples exchange wedding rings or bands while taking marriage vows.
These bands are a symbol of love, affection, trust, and devotion between the bride and the groom. Several precious and semi-precious metals may be used while making wedding rings. Brides and grooms prefer to get their bands made out of gold, white gold, platinum, or even titanium.
Couples, who are to be married, cherish this occasion and their wedding ring may reflect the uniqueness of the event. Taste, choice, style, design, and size of the wearer's finger may be kept in mind while selecting a wedding band.
Sometimes, the bride and the groom may pick similar rings to symbolize togetherness. Others may purchase unique designs that match their personalities.
The uniqueness of these bands also reflects the power and stature of the wearer. Grooms may prefer several other options like carbon fiber, stainless steel, two tone bands, and Celtic bands. This lends a glamorous and unique look to the band. Some men prefer to have their zodiac signs on their bands.
Grooms often engrave the name of their bride on the ring to give it a more sensitive and romantic touch. The bride and groom may also choose to engrave their partner's initials on the inner or outer side of the ring to give it a unique look.
Many couples design their own rings, while others get them custom-made. While getting custom-made bands, you must keep in mind, that once these bands are made, it is difficult to replace them, as they are personalized.
Designing wedding gowns that match the ring can also emphasize the innovative characteristics of these bands. Internet proves to be a very helpful resource, where there are some really good designs to choose from.
Many jewelry designers specialize in different categories of gemstones, like, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and diamond, that are used to adorn the rings. Diamond rings are generally the most preferred ones. Traditional, vintage, or antique jewelry is available for people, who are collectors or enjoy wearing such unique pieces.
Antique bands may have diamonds, rubies, or emeralds embedded in them. Brides consider it a privilege to wear rings that were previously worn by ladies of royal families, queens, or even celebrities.
Traditional and antique bands are in demand because of their unique designs and styles, as they represent culture and heritage of the past. Antique rings give a feeling of belongingness within a family, as it could convey affection towards older generations.
Vintage rings are available in most jewelry stores. Some jewelers may take the initiative to assemble a particular design, while others get such bands shipped, if they are not available in the local market, or are highly priced.
People can also get their bands designed from jewelers and designers on demand. Websites also offer a wide range of antique bands for couples.
Uniquely designed wedding bands can be costly, but couples who can afford to get them ordered for the special event, often do not mind going the extra mile for the happiness of their loved ones.