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Verses For Engagement Announcement Cards

Reshma Jirage
Verses for engagement announcement cards convey the message of love and devotion to your close ones. Here are some meaningful samples.
"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." ― Nora Ephron.
You might be feeling the same, when you are committed to someone. You have selected your life partner with the faith that you both are made only for each other. Getting engaged is the most cherishing and memorable moment in every couple's life.
Now, it's the time to inform your friends and close ones about your commitment and share your happiness with them. You must be feeling very excited while announcing your engagement. You can do this through a personal meeting, via an email, or a newspaper. However, it's an ideal time to arrange a party and announce this news in a special way.
You might be looking for some exceptional ideas for announcing that you are engaged. Including some meaningful verses for engagement announcement cards in the invitations is a unique way to make this event memorable in a true sense. They convey your pleasure and feelings about your engagement.

Verse Examples

Engagement announcement invitations can be written in a formal way, including the name of the couple, their parents, date and venue of the ceremony. Or, you can write the invitations in a less formal way by including some beautiful quotes. Add the following anniversary verses in the invitation card to make it special.
"The honor of your presence is requested
at a Dinner Party celebrating
the engagement of
Bride and Groom..."
"Sweeter than flower, and more special, too...
are a bride and groom about to say, "I do!"
Please join us to celebrate the engagement of
"Looks like love is here to stay
Let's celebrate by dancing the night away!
Join us for an Engagement Party on..:
"There's a sparkle in her eye & on her finger too,
(Bride's name) wants to share her excitement with you!"
" The most Precious Moment of her life . . .
(GROOM) asked (BRIDE) to be his wife!"
"It's all the little things you do
that truly say, "I love you."
You are invited to attend
an Engagement..."
" He popped the question
and she said yes!
So we're having a party,
will you please be our guest?"
"Our past has made memories we'll hold on to forever,
now our future is our newest endeavor."
"Because you have shared moments in our lives
by your friendship and love,
we are very proud to announce the happy news,
the engagement of (Bride's name) and (Groom's name)..."
"We invite you to come and celebrate,
so mark your calendar with the date!"
"Once in a while,
right in the middle of an ordinary life,
love gives us a fairy tale..."
A beautiful engagement announcement card with thoughtfully written quotes, an attractive ring, a passionate kiss, the presence of your near and dear ones, etc., all this make your engagement day truly special and memorable.