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Elegant Wedding Arches

Fatima Rangwala
Wedding arches always bring a feeling of southern elegance to any wedding celebration. Read on to know a variety of such multifaceted decorations that can be used for a wedding.
You find your true love and get married only once in your lifetime. That day with no doubt, has to be the most cherished and memorable occasion of your life. If you are thinking of using wedding arcs on your big day, then having the very thought of it must have got you excited already.
They are a center place for all the brides and grooms to say their favorite two words - 'I Do'. It's noticed that, many brides love a wedding arch ceremony. They believe that taking their vows, standing beneath the bridal arch, adds a lot of beauty and grace to their mesmerizing love bond. So Sweet!
To make a wedding all prim and proper, minute details have to be involved, like planning out the date of the wedding, time, and place for the big day, etc. After that is done with, the next thing you will have to think about is, the wedding theme. Based on the theme, follow the exquisite decorations, colors, and flowers that are going to be used all around.
Once all the mystical arch decorations, wedding flowers, and well-coordinated last-minute, detailed plans are ready, that's when you achieve a panorama of your wedding environment. That feeling will add a charismatic aura to your most awaited day.

Few Things You Need to Know

Decorative arch patterns would depend on the theme chosen in the wedding and also the decor of the occasion. Bare arches are available in the market. Before you and your partner buy a frame, envision your decorative ideas on it, and style them up differently in your minds. If you feel good about it, purchase it.
Or if your wedding is already touching a high expense, rent an arch for a day. Hire people who know how to decorate a wedding arch. In that case, keep an expert, a wedding planner, a decorator or a florist, (I know it sounds unusual to keep a florist) at hand, all their art would make a beautiful handmade arch.
Have you decided the place of your wedding? Is it planned in a garden or anywhere by the sea? Accordingly, materials of arches are available such as iron, vinyl, brass metal, wood or fancy lattice designs, which also come in different hues and heights. For an English garden, antique arches and for modern type of weddings abstract designs would suit best.
Also, for floral arrangements, create unique styles by tarting up the arch's crown by colored flowers and garlands. If you can consider the color of the season, then ivy or maple leaves, roses, sunflowers, etc., could be used. Having wedding decorations in this manner, would set everyone's mood and also the task could be finished quickly.

Unique Ideas for Decorating Wedding Arches

Using the wedding arch ideas given here, you could make your arch standout and turn your wedding into a graceful style statement. They are good as backdrops for group photographs and video shoots.
The Personal Bridal Arch
Many brides like to have a conventional theme, like the all-white or silver. This arch can be decorated with tulle, a fine soft netting, that can be easily draped.
You can tie this net in a form of a tube and weave it throughout the grid of the arch giving a unique look. The sealed sections can be decorated by adding ribbons. It's known as a couple's dream arch.

The Uniting Wedding Arch

Marriage is like two families getting united. This arch is attained by creating little white ornaments with some lettering in silver script, which bears the names of both the family members.
Now whether there are one, two or twenty of them, the art of adjusting the sizes of the letters in the ornaments gives a feeling of oneness. These ornaments come in various shapes - wedding bell, heart, diamond, dove, round, or any personalized style of the bride and the groom.
Also, charms can be chosen to hang on the arch. It'll be a good attraction for both the families to come up to the altar to see these decorations.
The Living Bridal Arch
Not all arches are made of metal and wood. If you are thinking of decorating arches for a wedding, they can be made of natural, organic materials like, bamboo, trees, palms, vines, etc.
Decorations can be done along with flowers that match the bride's bouquet and ornaments and charms interwoven on the arch. It simply enhances the beauty of this arch.
The Balloon Wedding Arch
Yes! We are talking about balloons at weddings! This arch is not decorated with balloons that are gaudy or big.
Balloon arches can be created including some lights, crystals, or can be white or pastel-colored showing an image like pearls, etc. Silver metallic ribbons can be monogrammed with the couple's initials on it or clear and white balloons could give an exquisite image of a waterfall.
Basically, anything can be easily intertwined between the balloons, which in turn could reflect brilliancy to the event.
The Christmas Arch
Cut and arrange the branches of pine or fir, a day before the wedding. You could use these branches in this arch.
Wire and wrap twinkling lights in a candy cane design around the arch, and hang a kissing ball of poinsettia silk from the crown of the arch. Christmas is a beautiful holiday season, so adding little charms of the same shouldn't be a hassle.
Decorate the arch with pine garlands or holly and tinsels. You could also have driftwood or burnt logs, with some cactus plants accompanying on either sides.
The Tropical Arch
If for a change, it's not the bride who has decided the design of the bridal arch but it is her gonna be hubby, then this arch is simple to create and a way to go design.
It can be made of palm tree fronds, totally creating a dramatic, little masculine, and a sharp silhouette effect. Or you can start with wood or metal arch with banana leaves and palms wrapped around it. Lovely tropical flowers like, antherium, heliconia, or birds-of-paradise would add a lot of essence to the gestures.
The Floral Arch
Having arches with flowers gives a robust idea about the entire wedding decorations. You can decorate this arch with the blooms and the greens and all the flowers arranged suitably around it.
The greenery can have palm fronds, fern fronds, wired garlands with a string of white lights, or perhaps any delicate flowers that best suits the wedding theme. Try using fragile draped tulle, colorful ribbons, small ringing bells, or artificial art and craft like butterflies, or star-shaped hanging charms, etc, to give a touch of sophistication to the arch.
The Beach Arch
You have a beach wedding? Are you making a prefab arch at a beach side. Then make sure you build a rigid base for the arch.
Dig the arch base, deep in the sand or soil, so that a mere gust of wind doesn't blow it off the hooks. You can create this arch by attaching organza on it or just be a little imaginative and dangle seashells or starfish from the top of the arch.
The Wooden Arch
Birch branches are easily available at the craft stores. You can bring them and add them as a decoration to the sides of this wooden arch.
Materials like grapevines, ferns, garlands dwelling silk flowers on it, etc., can be used for a sturdy base instead of using ivy bases or fabrics. Such elements would itself form a gazebo effect to the arch.
The Love Arch
The design of this arch is ideal for weddings or any other occasions. It's in the form of a heart shape so that when you look at it, it adds intimacy to a union.
You can easily personalize this arch in your own lovely way by hanging satin ribbons or silk fabrics from the back in long or at the sides of the arch. It gives a hanging curtain type of look.
The various pictures of wedding arch designs must have helped you gain a fair idea about the type and also forced you to long for one. If you have an organized wedding budget and are willing to shout on all the high tags, go for it. Wedding is just a one-time occasion where you have to spend lavishly.
Be innovative and creative in whatever you choose. If decorations need personalization, justify it resourcefully. Hope your wedding arch turns out to be an excellent piece to watch! All you couples out there, have a happy married life!