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Wedding Cake Designs

Madhura Pandit
When it comes to wedding cakes, there are many interesting designs to choose from. Presented below are some of the best and unique wedding cake designs and ideas.
Wedding cake is one of the most important aspects of the wedding reception or rather the entire wedding. In the wedding reception, the cake stands royally as a centerpiece while everyone waits to get his/her share.
Choosing the perfect wedding cake is an interesting activity as there are a lot of things to consider before zeroing down on a single design. The cake should go with the entire theme of the wedding. You cannot have a glamorous traditional cake in a modern wedding. The following are some of the best ideas.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Traditionally, a wedding cake is multi-layered, with 2-3 tiers, and usually in white or pink fondant and frosting. However, you can experiment a bit with the colors, shape, and design of the cake and create your own unique design. Secondly, rather than the traditional frosting, you can add fresh fruits, flowers, etc., to create distinct wedding cakes.
Traditional Wedding Cake
The traditional wedding cake is all white with classic understated designs. Along with the typical designs of swirls and dots, one can go for basket weave, quilting designs, damask designs, etc.
In the classic wedding cake, the designs are made in white color, or sometimes, in pearl or silver traces. Sugar paste flowers like roses, calla lilies, gardenia, etc., usually top the classic wedding cake.
Wedding Cake with Real Flowers
Now, if you wish to give your traditional wedding cake a more colorful look, then you can add real flowers to it. Real flowers like roses and orchids are the most popular cake decorations. Sometimes, brides even wish to match or contrast their bridal bouquets with flowers.
Use the classic white cake as the base because most of the flowers go with white color. Once you have decided the flowers, you can either go for the bouquet type cake or arrange the flowers in a cascading manner from the top. You can even sprinkle edible flower petals all over the cake.
Wedding Cake with Fruits
These cakes have also been favored since long time, and are equally popular today. In most of the cases, the cake used here is a traditional white cake topped or decorated with fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, grapes, etc. You can also make fruits using sugar paste and use them for decorating the wedding cake.
Colorful Wedding Cake
If your wedding has a colorful theme, you can go for colorful cakes like the chocolate one. Red velvet wedding cakes, platinum cakes, blue/green cakes, etc., are very popular these days. You can select one depending on the entire theme of your wedding.
The colorful wedding cakes can be decorated with cake decorating designs like swirls, henna designs; with flowers and fruits, etc.
Wedding Cupcakes
Wedding cupcakes can be easily made at home. There are many advantages associated with cupcake wedding cakes. Firstly, you can bake each cupcake with a different flavor and decorate in different patterns.
Therefore, the guests can enjoy a variety of cakes, rather than a single huge wedding cake. Wedding cupcakes is also one of the most favorite modern-day wedding cake designs.
You can research with your favorite bakers or check online to get the perfect cake for your wedding. As it is, wedding is all about celebrations!