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Wedding Etiquette for Groom's Parents

Aparna Jadhav
During a wedding, besides the bride and the groom, many other people, like their parents, have a role to play. Take a look at the wedding etiquette for the groom's parents who also contribute majorly at the wedding.
Traditionally, a wedding is supposed to be a gift to the bride from her parents, but today the rules have changed. Both the bride and the groom make their wedding a beautiful and memorable occasion by sharing each other's expenses and involving their families.
Even though there are many different views about weddings, individuals like the best man, bridesmaids, maid of honor, bride's mom and dad, and groom's parents are actively involved in various aspects.
It is well-known that everyone involved in the wedding has a particular etiquette that needs to be followed at specific times during the wedding. Similarly, there are some rules for the groom's parents as well. In the following article, we will be going through a few wedding etiquette.
Wedding Etiquette for Groom's Family
There are numerous things which have to be done before and at a wedding, most of which are applicable to the bride's side. But, the groom's parents too have a specific role to play.

Traditionally, it is said that when a couple decides to get married, it is the groom's parents who have to initiate the meeting between the two sets of parents. Even if they've met before or know each other very well, they should formally meet the bride's parents before the wedding preparations start.
The meeting should be done officially to announce the engagement and the will of both the sides. It could be done through a phone call by inviting them over for dinner or simply a cup of coffee. This tradition is done for the simple reason, that if the two families are not known to each other, they can get acquainted and maintain a good relationship for the years to come.
Another traditional etiquette is sharing the expenses of the wedding. Today, the couples decides the details about the expenses, but earlier it wasn't this way. The groom's parents are expected to pay for the rehearsal dinner and to hold the dinner at their residence.
If the wedding expenses are also being shared by them, it is completely acceptable to ask the wedding couple to lower their expectations about the rehearsal dinner and have a homely affair. Even though these traditions are followed by many couples, some who are very independent don't mind inviting their parents for the wedding and not asking them to share any expenses.
In some weddings the groom's parents are expected to pay for the bride's wedding ring and even her dress, but that totally depends on the couple.
Individual Etiquette for...
Groom's Mother

The groom's mother is however supposed to be a busy woman on the wedding day. She has the responsibility to manage the bride's wedding gown, but if the bride's mother is present, she can let her handle it.
She shouldn't match her dress with the bridesmaid dresses or the one for the maid of honor as that is the bride's family affair. She should only complement or match the color of her dress to those of the bride's side.
Groom's Father

The groom's father has no major responsibilities regarding the wedding, except for helping with the arrangements, if asked. He has to escort the ladies to their pews if needed. If the groom's parents are divorced or remarried, all he has to do is escort his current wife to be seated in the pew behind the groom's mother.
Thus, the above wedding etiquette are to be followed by choice and also by discussing with all the family members including the wedding couple!