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Wedding Floating Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Mamta Mule
Floating candle centerpieces are an important element of the entire wedding decorations. Floating candles are easy to make and inexpensive as well. Here are some of the ideas that you can use for making these decorative centerpieces.
Centerpieces have a lot of importance in the entire wedding decorations. These enhance the appearance of the wedding venue. If you want to use floating candles for decorating the wedding venue, then here are some ideas for the same. You can mix and match these ideas and explore your creativity while making these centerpieces yourself.

Idea #1

You can experiment a lot in terms of its shapes. You have ample options in candle shapes. Flower shaped candles are commonly seen. Rose, lotus, orchid, hibiscus, and dahlia-shaped candles look extremely beautiful when placed in water.
Fruit-shaped floating candles can also be used. Check out the pumpkin or apple-shaped candles, these look extremely attractive as well. Oak or maple leaf-shaped floating candles look simply awesome. Round or star-shaped floating candles decorated in a classy way look chic as well.
You can also make use of heart-shaped floating candles for the decor.

Idea #2

Color is the next important factor. Opt for colors that match the wedding theme. Or else, the most popular colors used are red and pink. Apart from that, consider the overall decorations. Match the colors well with the candle holder.
Either have all candles in a single color or opt for two different colors. Make sure you choose the right combination. Black and white, pink and blue, red and white, silver and red, and yellow and green are some of the classic combinations that are used for floating candles. You can even have a lovely combination of flower and leaf-shaped floating candles.

Idea #3

If you have put in a lot of efforts and finally have some amazing candles, you might think that the job is done. What about the candle holders, though? These are quite elegant and are guaranteed attention grabbers. In most cases, glass holders are used for this purpose. Decorative wide bowls are commonly used as well.
Take square or triangle-shaped glass bowls to bring about a different look. You can also have round bowls for the same purpose. Large serving glasses are also a popular choice. In this case, one candle is placed in each. You can have glasses of varied sizes and place them together.
Colored votive candle holders that are available in various shapes and sizes can be used as well―these look extremely elegant. You can place wide glass candle holders on tall and narrow cylindrical ceramic centerpieces. If you have colored glass candle holder, make sure its color matches well with that of the candles.

Idea #4

Once you have the candles and candle holders, you can move on to the other decorations. Using fresh flowers is a great idea. You can also put flower petals in water. Another idea is to use fresh fruits around the table centerpieces.
You can also have colored tea-light candle holders, that will add to the decorations. Using scented floating candles is another great idea. Decorative silver colored balls, wires, and ribbons can also be used to add visual interest.
If you can't use fresh flowers and fruits, try the fake flowers and leaves which look equally classy and are perfect for the decorations.
The aforementioned ideas will surely help you create the best piece to grace the decorations. So, just try the various combos to add sparkle to the wedding venue.