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Wedding Flower Alternatives

Aparna Jadhav
Even though wedding flowers look brilliant, they can be an expensive option that goes waste the next day! Why not try some attractive wedding flower alternatives, so you can save up a good amount.
Why we need alternatives
Weddings are remembered because of the beautiful decorations.
Flowers are used to decorate the church altar, pews, wedding arches, reception venue walls, table centerpieces, and of course the bride's bouquet. But they are perishable and have to be discarded after the ceremony.
Also some people are allergic to flowers and are afraid to use them as decorations for weddings. Therefore, spending a lot of money on flower decorations is not a very sensible choice.
Even though flowers are always a part of wedding, it isn't necessary that they are the only decorations to be used! Using alternatives to flowers as decorations for the church and reception venue would surely fetch you many complements.
Items such as fruits, leaves, potpourri, ribbons, tulle bows, ceramic pots, etc., can be used for centerpieces and pews to give the interiors a unique touch. If flowers are a must, you can try artificial or handmade flowers, which would add the same elegance to the wedding as real flowers.
Natural Elements
If you want natural decorations, the next best thing to flowers are foliage, fruits or plants.
There are various artistic leaves in nature which look brilliant when combined with berries or ribbons. For centerpieces you can use Lavender leaves in ceramic pots decorated with bows, bonsais, potted table plants, or simply a bowl of colored pebbles. Preparing pomanders from leaves and ribbons can be great bouquet and decoration options.
Using fabric at weddings is surely a stylish alternative to flowers.
Even though they look the best with flowers, they can be used plain as well. If you have to decorate a wedding arch, draping lengthy tulle ribbons around the arch could give it a royal look.
Using artificial flowers made from cloth, satin, buttons, and knots, etc., can be perfect alternatives to wedding bouquets. Making simple bows from satin or tulle ribbons, can save you a lot of time and effort.
Handcrafted Artifacts
Artificial flowers made from paper, crystals, beads, stones, shells, etc., displayed in handicraft stores are gorgeous alternatives.
Imagine these beautiful creations sitting in vases as centerpieces at the wedding! Tissue paper flowers, make delicate and elegant table decorations or bouquets. For outdoor or beach weddings, seashells or pebbles added to simple glass bowls, would make perfect centerpieces. Candles, lanterns, small clay lamps, etc., are also cheap alternatives.
With these excellent alternatives to wedding flowers, you can start picking out the decorations for your wedding. So, give your wedding a creative look and save a good sum, that you would spend on flowers otherwise.