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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Stephen Rampur
Want unique wedding guest book alternatives? Tap through to have a glance at creative wedding guest book ideas.
A wedding guest book is a book on which the invitees jot down their best wishes, personal experiences, feelings, opinions, etc., to the couple. It is a kind of wedding souvenir.
When it comes to guest book alternatives, you can opt for the traditional ones, or the latest ones which are mostly preferred nowadays. Unique and one-of-a-kind guest books largely contribute to adding a touch of variance to the whole setup.

Ceramic Plates

A ceramic plate is easily available in the market with a wide range of styles and designs. Invitees can sign on it with a porcelain marker, and the couple can bake it in a home oven for approximately 30 minutes at around 300 degrees.
Doing so would make the plate dishwasher-safe, and the couple can also enjoy food in it. The plate may also be placed on the fireplace mantle, or shelf with a plate stand.


Cards can be made from general-purpose index cards, where each invitee pens down a message for the couple and signs it.
The invitees have the choice of noting down some marriage advice, words of wisdom, and best wishes for the newlyweds on these cards. After the wedding, a souvenir box can be bought to store all the cards. The box can be a plain white photo storage box embellished with extra tulle or ribbons, which were left after the decorations.


Vases can also be used as guest books. You can choose some vases, and place them for the invitees to write their feelings and wishes on. If you are using a vase which is dark in color, select a light paint pen; and if the vase is light in color, use a dark paint pen.

Signed Photo Frames

Photo frames can make excellent guest book alternatives, since the couple can use it to exhibit their favorite marriage snap. Any big photo frame having a broad, white mat can be used for this purpose.
For invitees to write on the frame, a table would be required to be placed in order to hold the photo frame. The invitees can be directed to write on the frame, and informed that the newlyweds would be using it as a marriage souvenir.

Digital Books

For a digital guest book for the wedding, you would need a laptop and a volunteer. Many invitees would be able to type the messages and well-wishes, but for those who cannot type, the volunteer could type it on their behalf.
The end result of this would be a soft-copy of the messages and best wishes, which can be saved onto a hard disk or any other portable storage device. Later, if you wish, you can incorporate the messages with any wedding snaps in a manner you desire. This is probably the best, advanced way to keep these messages alive forever.
These are just a few ideas which can be used to make your wedding a memorable and unique event. However, if you want to use your creativity, and make you own guest books, you are always welcome!