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Wedding Hair and Makeup - 10 Dos and Don'ts to Remember

Sheetal Mandora
For a bride on her wedding day, the hair and makeup has to be impeccable. Whether you're hiring a professional or taking the task onto yourself, the story has 10 dos and don'ts you need to remember to avoid issues.

Strategic Wedding Planning

Bridal shows or wedding expos are one of the best avenues to plan your wedding. Not only can you talk to the professionals directly, but you can see samples of their work and get an idea of what costs are involved.
A bride-to-be puts a lot of thought into finalizing her hair and makeup for her big, special day. For a 'hello, gorgeous' look, you need to focus on selecting styles that will suit your face shape and occasion. As there are a ton of blogs and sites dedicated to wedding hair and makeup, it can be tough to pinpoint the style for yourself.
Unfortunately, we are not providing any tips to choose a bridal makeup artist or hairstylist for your wedding. What we do have are suggestions on what you should and shouldn't do in order to avoid any mistakes on the big day.

10 Wedding Hair Dos and Don'ts

If you know a hairstylist that you trust completely, hire him/her only. Every individual's hair is unique, and understanding how it works takes experience and skills. To create your dream wedding hairstyle, a familiar, trustworthy, and experienced stylist is what you require.
On the other hand, if you aren't so lucky, then you need to do some hardcore research; also, ask the stylist for his/her credentials. Apart from that, do follow these hair-related tips.


Finalize the dress before you start thinking about your hairstyle. Depending on your dress, you can match your hairstyle ―updo, down do, wavy, romantic curls, loose, etc.; bring a picture of it to the consultation.
Before you go in for a trial, browse sites like Pinterest for some inspiration. Save a copy of those photos and consult with your hairstylist. When you provide a visual reference of what you're looking for, it becomes easier for the stylist to give his/her opinion.
If you have gray hair, purchase an at-home hair coloring kit to cover it all up. This will help you save a lot on pricey all-over salon color appointment.
Using a curling iron, a straightener, or other tools to style your hair? Well, do remember to nourish your hair with a restorative hair treatment to seal the moisture and shine in.

Know how long it takes to get your mane perfect. That way, you won't have to worry about getting ready too early, or feeling rushed because you didn't allot enough time for it.
Bring a camera and take loads of pictures from different angles to know what your hair will look like on the day.

Wash and condition your hair as you normally would prior to the consult. Avoid using any heating tools and hair products. This will help the stylist understand what your hair is like.
Keep the time of the year in mind before you decide to wear your hair up or down. Hot, humid climate is not the time to wear your hair down. Think about the venue (indoor/outdoor), your makeup, and all other criteria, and then make the final decision.

Go for a dress fitting right after your hair trial appointment. You know where this is going, don't you?!
Ask your groom-to-be for his 'honest' opinion. You might have to work a little harder to get the truth out, but in the end, even his opinion matters.


Wait until the last minute to get ready. Depending on how much time you have to get ready, start as early as you possibly can to prep your hair―shampoo and condition.
Drastically cut your hair within 2 months leading up to your wedding; that goes for color as well. If you change your look so close to the wedding, and end up not liking it, that can spell disaster on a massive scale.

Wear a top that might mess up your hair once it's done. Wear a button-down shirt as it'll be easy to slip out of later on.
Choose a hairstyle because it looked good on your friend, a colleague, a celebrity, or a model. You are unique, and it is important to know what are your best features. That way, you and your stylist can find the perfect 'do' to enhance it.

Purchase a veil, tiara, or headpiece before finalizing the hairstyle. Always consult with the stylist for his/her opinions, and try it out at the time of your trial.
Get any chemical processes done at least 15 days prior to the wedding―that goes for the body and face too.

Worry that you won't look breathtaking because you don't have long hair. There are plenty of head-turning hairstyles out there for you to choose from. Just ask your stylist if you don't believe us.
Over accessorize and make your hairstyle complicated. Chandelier earrings, necklaces, bracelet, ring, etc., can sometimes make or break the look. Try all possible combination at the trial to see whether you require any accessories or not.
Over-think things, and instead, go with your gut feeling. At times, less is the best way to go; a simple, yet sophisticated, hairstyle can look glamorous too.
Be cheap. You may be working on a budget, but your hair (and makeup) requires some splurging. Try to find a hairstyle and stylist that can work in your budget.

10 Wedding Makeup Dos and Don'ts

Whether you wish to play up your eyes or wear a to-die-for lipstick shade, everything has to complement one another. Now even though big, sparkling eyes do happen to grab attention, you need to refrain from going overboard with your makeup. And the quickest way to do that is to read, memorize, and adopt the following tips.


Exfoliate to scrub away dull, dead skin cells. For that beautiful bridal glow, use a sugar scrub to exfoliate at least 2 - 3 times before the wedding.

Bring your favorite lipstick and eyeshadow that you'd like to wear on your wedding day at the consultation.
Inspect how the final makeup looks in different light settings―indoor and outdoor.
Wash your face and neck before starting the makeup ritual for the wedding. Use lukewarm to cool water, and a good face wash that suits your skin type.
Apply white shimmery eyeshadow as the base and also at the inner corners of your eyes. This makes your eyes pop more, and the eyeshadow colors you choose to apply over it will also look vibrant.
Ask your makeup artist to use a smudge-proof eyeliner and a waterproof mascara.
Wear individual lashes to add definition to your eyes. But if this will be your first time experimenting with them, then it's best to avoid them.

Use your trusted makeup brand and products. You never know what you may or may not be allergic to. Your wedding day is not the day to solve this puzzle.
Carry a small backup kit that has your lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, and eye drops; a quick touch-up before heading towards the reception is necessary. Look like you on the day. Enhance your natural beauty with whatever style of makeup you and the artist finalize.


Go in expecting your stylist to fill in the blanks for your wedding look. Have an idea on what and how you want to highlight for the day―natural-looking skin, bold eyes or lips, etc.
Ignore your skin. As this will be a long, and rather eventful day, you will probably get ready hours before you walk down the aisle. This means, you'll be wearing makeup on for a long, long time. For this, apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin ready for a day of glamor.
Apply lipstick that will only last for a few hours. As you'll be thanking and greeting your guests, chances are your gorgeous lip color will be gone till the evening is over; choose a long-lasting and kiss-proof lipstick.
Overdo it on the spray tan; better yet, avoid it altogether if you've never got one before. For a 'sun-kissed' look, ask the artist to use a bronzer instead.
Forget to get a manicure and pedicure before the wedding. The groom is going to place the ring at the altar, and the photographer will want to click close-up shots of the rings later on.

Go in the sun without applying sunscreen. A little color is good, but you don't want to risk your tan lines peeking out or around the neckline.
Choose a makeup style that is too trend-led. It may seem like a good idea at the moment, but will quickly fizzle away once the trend is over; your wedding photos will live on forever.

Forget to apply foundation all around your neck and over the shoulders. This will give an even texture to your body.
Wear colored contacts. The colors to avoid, at all costs are blue, green, gray, red, purple, or any other which isn't your natural eye color. Your makeup and beautiful face needs to do the talking; not the contacts.

If your wedding theme doesn't require it, avoid wearing black eyeshadow on its own. Smokey eyes are fine, but with an addition of some fun shade(s).
Let your natural features shine through, and make your wedding day the most beautiful day of all. Whether you're hiring a professional or doing your own hair and makeup for the day, make sure you know exactly what you want. Trial runs are no joke; get that perfect look locked, sealed, and ready for D-day.