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Wedding Sayings for Favors

Megha Tiwari
Wedding sayings are the most elegant way to express your sentiments, and appreciate the guests for their attendance. This story shall provide you with a few samples.

"Marriages are made in heaven, and lived on earth."

Marriage is a very special moment, when two souls unite to become one forever. It is one of the most memorable days in a couple's life. The way the wedding party, the decorations, and favors are planned goes a long way in making the function memorable for the guests as well.
Using unique wedding sayings for favors is as important as wording the invitations. They act as gestures of gratitude, extended towards the guests who attended the ceremony. They can be in the form of poetry, quotes, or sayings that transform the look of the favor boxes. They can be worded in a fun way as well. Here are some ideas for wedding favor sayings.

Words to Say Thank You

Favors express the newly wed couple's gratitude towards their guests, before they begin their new life together. The sayings used are simple and appealing. These thank you notes are meant not only for the guests, but also for those who have helped you throughout your wedding, right from your relatives and friends to your wedding planners.
Some thank you notes make people go weak in the knees with their cuteness factor, while some could be witty too. They have a fun element, and at the same time, they touch the sentiments of the guests. Following are some sample wordings that can be used along with sweets or gifts that you would be giving away. These are sure to spread some smiles.
Wedding is the greatest gift,
A gift from heaven,
A never-ending love,
Forever, and ever, and ever.
Wedding is a beginning of love and fun,
Begins with vows and joining as one,
We pray that it brings happiness,
As it grows and grows.
Love is a sweet fragrance,
We want to share it with you,
The sweetest fragrance of love.
We wish to thank you.
Me and my love will burn brightly,
Like the flames that burn brightly,
And wish that life becomes lively.

Thank you for sharing our day,
Making it special in its own way,
With your lovely kisses,
And tons of wishes.
Thank you for sharing this day,
With wedding vows we just want to say,
The wedding memories have become a treasure,
That has filled us with immense pleasure. Thank you so much.

We will frame this day forever,
Thanks for sharing our joys,
This picture is worth thousand words.
Thank you for your presence on the wedding day,
That has made it a coasting success.

We have different paths,
Sometimes they cross,
Sometimes they merge,
Thank you for sharing our path on that very special day in our life.
The wedding day is etched on our hearts,
Here's sending you love, and a million thanks for being its part.

Love constitutes one soul in two bodies,
Together it makes a perfect blend.
Thanks for perfecting the wedding day,
Through your lively presence.
We are going to sail together,
Thank you for sharing our board today.

Marriage is a treaty between two,
One who forgets everything,
Another who remembers everything.

Thank you for being a part of the battle,
Where the man conquers a bride's heart.
A couple can adopt any way to communicate their sincere thanks and appreciation, be it as a poem, as sayings, a quotation, template, or any unique way that makes the guests feel special and important. The favors can even be personalized according to the theme of the wedding party.
You can also be creative, and add a personal, romantic touch to them. Try to create your own way of expressing gratitude, and make the day memorable for everyone.