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Wedding Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Medha Godbole
Creating a scrapbook of your own wedding can be a refreshing change from the regular album. Read on to know for some quirky tips.
A wedding scrapbook is a fabulous idea to capture the happy and blissful memories of your ever so important day. It is great to remind yourselves of all the minute and unnoticed things which made that even so special.

Design #1

A collage or a number of photographs depicting various events of the whole wedding paraphernalia is an interesting option.
This include photographs starting from engagement to the final "I do's" and so on. This could be a total haphazard layout, but also fun and natural. To add a personal touch, add witty, humorous, and interesting captions below every collage.

Design #2

Chronology rules the roost here. Have a layout based on how things progressed between the couple. The first dance photograph, the first gift, the proposal, engagement, the D-day and the meal afterward. The photograph of the first date or dance can be used like a cover or the starting point.

Design #3

Tabulate and record the wedding traditions. Whether it is the bride walking down the aisle, or the best man helping out the groom. List these traditions coupled with photographs. Lend an off-white or white embellishment for a traditional and soft feel to the book.

Design #4

Tired of photographs? How about some sayings? In short, adorn it with nice love and wedding quotes? If you can compose a poem or song, it would be even better! You can even include the song which you can both relate to and was one of your favorites during your courtship.

Design #5

Mesmerized by mementos and memorabilia? Well, if you are, it is perfect as an adornment. A petal from the first rose exchanged, a cutting from a greeting card, napkins with text confessing your love for each other, tickets for the first cinema you went and many more can be incredible.

Design #6

If you are looking for a soft, relaxing hue and texture, the best bet is to use fibers and if possible handmade paper too. Satin, velvet, lace, ribbons can also give a fabulous look. Clip art and Photoshop enhanced photographs can be great if you are looking out for digital theme.

Design #7

A simple layout can have a central theme with things related to wedding revolving around it. Choose a central theme and then collect photographs and other things to go with it. If you preserve it, another really nice idea can be to add a page or 2 to the scrapbook as each anniversary is celebrated, with highlights of that particular year!