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21 Wedding Transportation Ideas

Cheryl Mascarenhas
You wedding is the one day you are allowed to splurge and indulge till your heart is content. It makes perfect sense then, to plan your wedding transportation as per the theme. Look through the ideas given here to leave your guests in awe.

You ought to know...

...decorating the car is generally done by the groom's male friends - men who effectively have lost their chances with the bride who's being whisked away.
There's nothing wrong in arriving or leaving in your personal car or even a limousine on your wedding day. However, there are quite many of us who love that extra bit of attention from our guests and thus end up arriving and leaving in style. Not bad I say, after all, it's one day dedicated to splurge and go big on style.
You can go traditional or contemporary, and choose your mode of transport accordingly. You can make quite an impact going overboard and hiring a chartered chopper to lift you up from the venue, or opt for a cozy gondola sailing into a scenic sunset to make it one memorable wedding exit.
The point is, if you intend to splurge, you can try out just about any idea that comes to your mind. Let's look at the ideas that you can actually consider for that perfect wedding entry or exit.

For Glam Weddings...

You get to strut your stuff in these ultra glam cars that are fit for royalty, the royalty that's you! These modes of transport provide luxury, comfort, and are a bit high-end, and hence need to be booked well in advance.
You sure are going to get heads to turn with a decorated stretch limo running down the streets. You can also hire a chopper to airlift you from your wedding reception or drop you at the church.
There's nothing better than a pearly white Limo!
You can enjoy the drive to the church with the bridal party, or serenade your beloved in a stretch limo. It's definitely got style, elegance, and the luxury that you need for a memorable wedding.
How about a comfortable SUV?
It's got style and power, and loads of comfort. Who wouldn't love arriving in an SUV? Like the limo, you get ample space and privacy, and hence an SUV makes for a good option for wedding transportation.
Set the mood with a vintage car!
What's better than treating yourself to a blast from the past? Let your guests do the talking as you enter in one of the hey-day classics. Definitely a mood setter!
How about a modern, sleek sedan?
An all time favorite the world over to transport the newly weds, a sedan is a stylish means of commuting to and from the church. Although slack on privacy, a sedan provides comfort and plush interiors. It's a good bet at reasonable rates.
Just the two of you in a convertible.
You get the privacy that you need, what more can you ask for? There's you, there's him/her, and the stars at night to give you company. Convertibles make for a great wedding exit, try getting your hands on one.

Life is one big safari, care to join us?

Just how cool it is to take off in an open safari jeep? Perfect for setting the mood of adventure, and experiencing the wild side of life, this is sure to garner attention as you roll down the terrain.
Absolutely no fuss...
Thinking of a beach/ lawn wedding? It will be incomplete without a grand entry/exit on a neatly-decorated golf cart. Leave in style I say, without getting sand on your clothes.

The Daredevil Wedding...

Your idea of fun is adventure. If you simply can't do without adding a tad of danger, and loads of fun, to everything that comes your way, then why should your wedding be a regular one. You can spruce up your wedding party by entering or exiting in style. How? Well, you know the many ways to be adventurous, and here, sky is just the limit for the ideas you can come up with.
Don't you think your winter wedding is incomplete without a snowmobile?
You can zip-zap through the snow, just the two of you together. The drive is going to get cold, and you could do with a good amount of cuddling. Enjoy the drive down the mountain slope, and hold on tight.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Here we go sledging down the slope all in tow.

How about getting your guests to enter on sledges instead of lavish cars? It would be quite a sight to see the newlyweds arrive on a sledge with the bridal party in tow.
What bliss, hanging on the ropes of life, where danger and peril both lie.
You have chosen an exclusive location for your reception and the only means to get there is a suspended cable car. What do you do? Well, you get your guests and your spouse to leave their inhibitions and travel, of course.
Two by two, all aboard the boat that sways.
What do you do when you've selected an island in the sun for a wonderful reception? Hire a boat/cruise or a water taxi and get there. Simple as that, ain't it?
Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.
How about arriving in a canoe? Better still, making a splash while exiting the reception on a canoe, decked up in flowers for the purpose. The same goes for a speed boat and a jet ski.

Something that's Mundane...

This is a part of your daily routine. You simply cannot do without these modes of commuting and it makes sense to incorporate them into your wedding. You can have loads of fun in these transports for sure. Apart from transporting all of your guests in one go, these modes of transport make for an interesting backdrop for amazing wedding portraits.
Load your guests into a bus and heed to your reception. You can have a mini-reception aboard the bus itself. An open-top decker bus makes the prospect sound a tad better.

No hassles, no fuss, it's all fun on a trolley.

Why spend your hard-earned money on a lavish car for a matter of few hours. Taking the trolley, school bus, or tram is economical as well as interesting to try. Give it a thought, you're going to have some quality time with all the guests or bridal party commuting together.
Doing the locomotion, eh?
Imagine what a sight it will be if you reach the station/sub all dressed up in your wedding gown or tuxedo. It sure sounds like an experience of a lifetime. The only downside is that you won't have an iota of privacy in here.
Let this be the worst-case scenario.
Actually not the worst-case scenario, it's just a case of wanting to merge your day-to-day activities with the most important day of you life. Hire a taxi and sit comfortably watching the world pass-by, as people give you knowing smiles.
Anyone interested in a race?
What a splendid way to exit the reception. Made for each other, your motor bike can be the perfect mode of commuting from the church to the reception.

Thumbs up for an eco-friendly mode of transport.

How about hiring a cycle carriage, and cycling your bride right to the reception. These rickshaws look adorable, and are sure to get you a whole lot of attention from your guests. Do give it a try, I bet you will enjoy the ride.

Why not on a bicycle meant for two?

This is a perfect getaway for those who love their bike. Cycle down from the church to the reception, or make that as a perfect wedding exit. The two of you so in love with each other, cycling down the road in tandem is such an adorable sight.

Truly, country style.

How about doing away with everything fancy and leaving your reception on a saddled horse? Trot away into the sunlight, just the two of you, romancing nature. What a sight!
Last but not the least, the stunner! A red fire truck.
Imagine the sight - a red truck loaded with the bridal party, and the couple sitting comfortably atop. This sure is one swell idea to try.
Phew! This was just about some of the ideas I could stumble upon. There are many more quirky ways to enter your wedding reception, like using a tractor, arriving in a hot air balloon, and so on. The list is pretty much endless, and you can add to it by leaving your comments. Have fun and enjoy your wedding.