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What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

Cheryl Mascarenhas
You have spent a bomb on that pretty white dress and now it is lying in the wardrobe, watching you ever so silently. Can you give it away? Maybe. Can you reuse it? Yes, you definitely can. Go the story way, we believe almost everything can be recycled and reused, including your wedding dress.

Matter of Fact

According to wedding republic, 46% of brides preserve their wedding dress for their children or grandchildren.
Undoubtedly, brides spend a fortune to get that perfect dress for the D-day. What happens after the chapter of the wedding ceremony is closed? Well, most of the time, it is dry cleaned, neatly packed and stored on one of the lofts or even one of the wardrobes.
Parting with such a beautiful treasure that brings back fond memories, definitely ought to be a herculean task.
You can actually do quite a lot of things with your wedding dress, one being auctioning it. That should sound fun but, I am not too happy with the thought of memories being auctioned. Nor would I suggest selling your dress, that leaves us with the options that include transforming the dress. Now, that sounds like some serious fun.
There's lace, there's satin, there's a bit of silk, and there's also crepe and tulle. That is quite a lot of material, don't you think, to make something attractive with. The underlying factor is, are you ready for that dress makeover?
The Wild Photo Shoot
Let start with something crazy. Dust off your pretty white dress and put it on. It's time you go for a wild photo shoot. You can go solo, or take along a best friend or even your husband, and simply indulge in some pure madness. This is one way to use your dress to the optimum.
Besides, you shouldn't let go of a fat chance to wear your pearly white again. How about renewing your vows on your anniversary. You can definitely take out your wedding dress for the occasion. Whoever said a wedding ought to be a one-time opportunity to enjoy to the fullest?
Dress up the Little Angel
One of the most priceless gifts you can give your newborn is that of converting your wedding dress into a christening gown.
Detach the satin body from the dress and convert it into a neat christening gown. This will ensure your baby looks just as pristine and pure as you did on your wedding day. Put in a bit of lace or ribbons to give a whole new look to the pearly white christening gown.
Detach and Use as a Top
Who said you need to keep the dress intact?
Most wedding gowns can be detached at the bust to give you two essential parts of the dress. Use the top half as a top, or stitch it onto a tulle skirt to make a tulle dress. Team the top with pencil skirts to give you a hip and pretty outfit.
As a Dress
How about cutting the long dress short and wearing it for parties?
You can detach most of the layers of tulle, and leave just a single layer of satin to make it a perfect single piece. You can take away the trail and make it a figure-hugging dress.
Princess Dress
With all the tulle, satin and silk, your wedding dress is perfect to make a little princess happy.
Get your dress altered to fit your daughter perfectly. Accessorize it with satin flowers, ribbons and beads, and present this to your daughter. I bet this will be her favorite dress and she is sure to flaunt it with pride.
Tutu dress
Well, the ballerina needs a lot of lace, a bit of brocade and some satin to make her a perfect ensemble.
Your wedding dress will give you all the material you need to make a beautiful ballerina dress. To make it a perfect outfit, attach additional layers of colored tulle.
Prom Dress or Donate
You can lend your dress to someone in dire need of a wedding gown.
Doing this will ensure a young bride-to-be is happy, and also give you the satisfaction of having helped another. Besides, you can also lend it to your niece, for her school or college prom. Make sure you get it cleaned, both before and after lending it out. Then you are free to pack and store it back again.
Other than the ideas mentioned above, you can also auction it off for charity. Better still, if you wish to, you can keep it safe and pass it on to the next generation. All you got to do is detach the dress and store, do remember to air it up once in a while, to avoid it turning a pale yellow.