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What to Say in a Wedding Card

Have you ever been stuck wondering what you need to say in a wedding card? If your answer is yes, then you must surely read what we have to offer in this post.
Sujata Iyer
What do you say in a wedding card? What kind of language should you use? Should you be over expressive about your happiness? Or should you keep it plain & simple? Should you send wedding gifts along with the card or should you send the gift later? What kind of messages are appropriate and when is the right time to send the card? Phew!!
So many questions to answer! But it all boils down to one point. Exactly what to say in a wedding card?! If you've been worried about this question, you don't need to worry anymore. Here is something that will surely help you out. Read on for some great samples and examples of what you can say!

Wedding Shower Card

Before the wedding, it is customary to throw a bridal shower for the bride. Generally, it is a girl's night out (or in). So let us first see what you can say in a wedding shower card that you'll give the bride-to-be.
Hey Sweetheart,

I know you since we were both just 5 years old! And I'm so happy that you're marrying Jake! He's absolutely perfect for you, given all your mood swings and your weird antics!

But just forget about Jake for this one evening. We have some special girly surprises in store for you. So enjoy them!

Loads and loads of love,

Wedding Card

You may write a wedding card for different reasons. Either you're not attending the wedding, or you're attending, and giving a card along with the gift. Let us see some examples for both the situations. What you write depends entirely on your experience with the people getting married.
If you're close to them, then you can fill up a long card together with some wedding quotes in them. If you do not know them very well, you can keep it short and simple.

... if You're Not Attending

Dear John and Mary,

We were absolutely thrilled that you two have finally decided to tie the knot. And it's going to be a glorious beach wedding! Unfortunately, your uncle Carl and I will not be able to attend the wedding. Carl just had a minor accident, and has been advised complete bed rest for a month...
...You know I cannot leave him here, or he'll definitely take to his golf clubs again. But our blessings and good wishes will always be with the two of you. Call upon us, anytime you need anything!

Love and Blessings,
Uncle Carl and Aunt Mae

... if You Are Attending

"There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love." ~ I Corinthians 13:13.

How true! And the greatest testament to this truth, is the love that I have seen in your eyes for each other, Mark and Jane.

You both complete each other in a way that befits just the two of you...
...You'll support each other, bicker and snipe at each other, adore each other. There is no greater peace in life, than knowing that you are loved by someone, whom you love too. And you cannot fathom how elated I am that you two have found each other and are ready to take this next big step.

I wish you both the very best, in love and in life.


Wedding Thank You Card

Alright, now let's go over to the other side of the party. You had your dream wedding. All your loved ones attended, and some did not. Whatever the situation, it's just good manners to send out thank you notes for the gifts that you received.
Here's a sample of what you can write in your wedding thank you cards, and send them to all the guests, near and far, who attended/sent you gifts for your wedding.
Dear Aunt Mae,

John and I were so happy to receive your card. We understand perfectly well that Uncle Carl could not fly down. I hope he is keeping well now.

We want to thank you for the gorgeous China set that you sent us. As usual, your taste is impeccable! I've given it a place of honor in my dining room!...
...We missed you sorely at the wedding. I'm sending you a few photographs of the wedding along with this card. Let me know how you like them. (Make sure you spot your pretty brooch that I wore. Thank you so much for my 'something borrowed'!)

Hope to see you soon.

Mary and John.

Some Tips you can Use

  • The different emotions that you can express in a wedding card are happiness, elation, congratulations; not surprise, shock, and worse of all, apprehension. It's a happy day and though you may be on a negative trip of your own, don't dampen the enthusiasm of the couple. They'll never forget it.
  • When you write a wedding card, make sure it's something personal and not something jotted down at the last minute. Take some time (half an hour sound too much??) and really feel what you write. The words may be simple but the emotions will do their own talking.
  • Avoid writing funny anecdotes if you're not sure whether it will be well received by the couple.
  • If you're not really close to the couple, then you can keep it simple, sincere but not too overflowing with emotion. It will just appear very put on and that's not something anyone wants. A plain, well-worded congratulations is more than sufficient for a colleague, employee or someone you don't know very well.
Well, that covers about all the situations before, during and after a wedding that cards are written for. So, take your pick and use these as a base for the ones you need to write.