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What to Wear to a Bridal Shower Party

Naomi Sarah
In a fix about what to wear to a bridal shower? We've compiled a smashing bunch of references that you can use, to help put together a tasteful, gorgeous outfit.
A bridal shower party is all about the bride; dress appropriately for the affair without overdoing your look and drawing unflattering attention. Simplicity here, is the key.

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Ah, yes. A bridal shower is a mirthful soiree of sorts; the bride-to-be oozes happiness from every pore, where she can't stop gushing over the fancy gifts handed to her. The best part of the entire affair is when a team of close friends plan a raunchy night of fun―harmless, of course!
While all of this sounds fantastic, the hard part―besides wondering what gift to pick out―is making up our minds about what to wear! Many of us dread this part, but it is commingled with excitement, no doubt.
We advise you to steer clear from wearing a head-to-toe outfit in red, black, or white, since red can take the attention away from the rosy-cheeked bride-to-be, black unfortunately screams morbidity, and white is a strict no-no because it is for the bride-to-be. But we've got good news for you!
You can wear these colors by sneakily incorporating them into your look. We'll show you how! There's no need to pull your hair out by the handful, for you'll find a panoply of images that will give you an idea of what to wear for the bridal shower.
What Outfit to Wear to a Bridal Shower Party
For those of you who aren't used to downplaying your look at social gatherings, we insist you don't overdo it. Just remember, this is a special day for the bride-to-be before she finally ties the knot. From demure and dainty outfits, to refined and androgynous looks, we've got it all figured out for you.
For the Bride-to-Be
Yes, we believe that a bride should be shrouded in white, just like she will be on her wedding day. I'm sure you'll want to wear something colorful, but people need to see you from a distance and identify you as the bride-to-be.
It sets you apart from the rest because you ought to stand out. You don't have to wear a stark-white dress; you can go with eggshell, cream, or pearl white. Pair it with striking accents like a fitted black bow around the waist or a bejeweled bodice, complete with fluid, lightweight, lush fabric.
Because you're likely to be up and about on your feet, wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is a wiser choice. But if you're like Victoria Beckham who was born with a pair of sky-high stilettos on, then we say go for it.
While white and its com-padres are quintessential choices for bridal showers, you can wear shoes in any color; our favorite go-to palette is blue, red, pink, and black.
Solitary or paired, these two colors can transform any outfit into the epitome of indisputable style. Muted colors have the ability to transcend the ordinary, because when united, they complement one another with the greatest of ease.
For the Guests
Cream and Gray
The shoes that go with these outfits come in downplayed hues of gray and olive green, where sorbet colors would overwhelm and instantly drown the outfit's simplicity. If you wear high-waist or palazzo pants, you can pull off a pair of brightly-colored shoes; no fluorescent colors or rainbow color-blocking, please!
Black, White, and Red
Yes, we're breaking the rules! Remember we said earlier that none of these colors should be worn to a bridal shower? We also asked to accentuate your look by including subtle additions to your outfit.
Whether it's your baubles, shoes, or handbag, use  controversial colors as you'd like. When you pick out an outfit, don't select something where one color runs wild, but where the colors are proportionately mixed to create a splendid, a-OK result.
A little shimmer goes a long way; from the shoes you're going to wear to the tote you'll be carrying along, don't eschew a sparkly add-on. We're obsessed with the '50s, where this look easily blends a touch of modernity with a retro appeal, as a riot of polka dots take the center stage.
Navy Blue and Aubergine
Nothing coalesces as beautifully together as these two colors; opt for rich fabric that comes in these colors for a spectacular ensemble.
A cute dress that barely touches your knees is a comfortable outfit to opt for, paired with a skinny gold belt and animal print shoes. Find ways on how to fuse the two colors together, using fun, flirtatious accessories to create a one-of-a-kind finish.
Charcoal Gray and Rust-Brown
The dress is a sophisticated shade of gray that is a favorite with many. We're going with rust-brown because when it comes together with this ash-colored dress, it's a surprising mix of elegance and womanly splendor. Black pearls, gold will go perfect with this look, with a pair of bold, T-strap high-heels.
Light Gray and Nature-Inspired Colors
This outfit choice is for those who aren't comfortable with slipping into a dress or skirt. Pair a chic pair of palazzo pants with a cute, vibrant peplum top, to draw attention to your best asset―your waist. Slip into a pair of chunky, stripy high heels and you're all set to go.
Gray may seem like a bleak color choice, but trust us when we say this―it goes amazingly well with practically any color, seriously! Its versatility cannot be ignored, where the best colors that work with gray are white, cream, red, and bottle green.
Fuchsia, Cream, and Eggshell
These colors come together in a cavalcade of unsurpassed loveliness; the opulence of this shade of pink cannot be denied, nor its ability to look good on anyone.
Pair it with a wide-brim hat if you're attending an outdoor bridal shower, where either kitten heels or ballerina flats are your best options. Choose a flowing, delicate fabric that sways easily in the wind and catches light in a most rhapsodic way.

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You're sure to feel a little confident now that you know what kind of dresses to wear for the bridal shower. Remember, a minimalist approach is far better than an outrageous one. Keep it simple, keep it stylish.